Think small act BIG! Why I love small charities

Whilst partaking in a fundraisers favourite pastime recently (glass in hand enjoying the sunshine), a friend and fundraising colleague posed a question I had never been asked before. We had been putting the world to rights as so often happens at these sort of things, before the gem of a question appeared. “Why do you love small charities?” he asked me with the serious yet inquisitive face he does so well.

I collected my thoughts for a moment, and mulled through the data. The data that tells us that there are 164,108 registered charities in the UK with over £62.5 billion in income. 93% of these charities rely on less than £500,000 per annum, leaving a staggering 89% of the annual income attributed to the 7% largest charities. (more…)

Communication Breakdown

junior-giscombe-communication-breakdown-mercury“I no longer support Autism Speaks and this is why.”

Those were the words a friend posted on her Facebook timeline a few months ago. This is a friend whose son is affected by autism, a friend who has dedicated thousands of hours to raising money to find a cure for this terrible condition. For her to be moved to reject a charity committed to her common cause, the crime must have been serious. (more…)

3 things to think about when recruiting fundraisers

photodune-4415072-recruitment-mAs someone who has recently gone through the fundraising recruitment machine, I have been amazed at the number of national and large charities who handle recruitment of their fundraisers badly.

Any recruitment agency will tell you that finding the right candidate is all that matters, but bearing in mind that the recruitment process for that candidate will help to shape their view of the organisation, I have been scratching my head sometime trying to work out what is expected of me as a potential candidate. (more…)

Simply the best: Top 10 blog posts (Q2 2012)

Here is our quarterly Top 10 again! Below are the best blog posts that were published in the past quarter.

If you don’t have time to read all the valuable information that we publish, at least read these 10…

Great to see that new crowdblogger Mike has made it into the Top 10 with his first blog post!

According to our readers these are the best blog posts of the second quarter of 2012: (more…)

Simply the best: Top 10 blog posts (Q1 2012)

From now on, every quarter we will share with you the best blog posts published in the past quarter.

If you don’t have time to read all the valuable information that we publish, at least read these 10…

We’re glad to see that 3 new crowdbloggers who recently joined are an instant success! Congrats Vera (1), Kimberley (8) and Brock (9)!

According to our readers these are the best blog posts of the first quarter of 2012: (more…)

2011 overview: Ranking the best fundraising blogs!

101fundraising is a crowdblog on fundraising. A free resource. A volunteer initiative. By fundraisers, for fundraisers. And we’ve done it. We’ve reached the end of our inaugural blog season!

This is the last post of the 2011 season, before we take a well deserved break. We will see you back in 2012 with renewed energy and high hopes for another streak of great fundraising blog posts. But before we leave you with your holiday spirit we want to share the 101fundraising highlights of 2011…

We launched on 8 February 2011. We had 37 blogging fundraisers. We’ve published 97 posts, 75 in English and 22 in Dutch. More than 26,000 unique fundraisers from 157 countries visited our crowdblog and have read 72,000 pages… The key word here is WE, because this is a crowdblog, and there is no successful crowdblog without our bloggers. Thank you bloggers!

A special thanks goes out to our Bronze Bloggers Sarah Clifton, Rebecca Davies, Peter Goudkamp, Lucy Gower and Alison McCants!

But there is more… Which social media platform spreads fundraising blogs the best? And off course: what are the most popular blog posts in 2011? (more…)

Welkom fondsenwervers!

Hallo en welkom bij onze allereerste blog post! Wij zijn enthousiast over fondsenwerving en nonprofit marketing, dus zijn we een nieuw fondsenwerving blog begonnen. Jij bent getuige van een historisch moment met de lancering van 101fundraising. Ten minste, dat hopen we… (more…)

Welcome fundraisers!

Hello, and welcome to our very first blog post! We are excited about fundraising and nonprofit marketing, so we decided to create a new fundraising blog. You are witnessing a historic moment with the launch of 101fundraising. At least, we hope… (more…)