The Top 50 blog posts of 2016!

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Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to a year full of hope and promise, dreams fulfilled, goals met and new ones set.

As you know, the original 101fundraising team has passed the considerably weighty baton to us here at The Resource Alliance. Many of you know us and have been part of our International Fundraising Congress in the Netherlands for years. But I’m sure others are wondering what The Resource Alliance is and who we think we are taking over 101fundraising.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you – and having you get to know us – as 2017 unfolds. But more about that in Thursday’s post.

Today, we’re all clawing our way back into work mode, and this is the annual Top 50 list. We took some liberties with the title of the list (Geesh, they’re making changes already? How rude!) because, well, “best of” seems so … subjective. A post that we personally loved might have left you cold, and vice-versa.

“Top 50” reflects the fact that these choices are based on more objective analytics. If a post that isn’t listed here really floated your boat in 2016, let us know! Tell us why you loved it, and we’ll give it a shout-out in a future post.

So below, check out the Top 50 101fundraising blog posts from 2016. Thanks to all the fine bloggers who provided such insightful and fascinating content for the 101fundraising readership last year. (Please show them some love, and spread it around by sharing the Top 50 list with your networks.)

If you’re interested in writing for 101fundraising in 2017 or if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., please let us know! In the original spirit of 101fundraising, this will remain your forum, your community. We’re so looking forward to hearing from you – and serving you – in 2017 and beyond. Drop me a note at meg@resource-alliance.org.

Top 50 101fundraising blog posts of 2016

1. Thank you, Wally! — Reinier Spruit

2. We bid you farewell. Mic drop. — Reinier Spruit & Jeroen Beelen

3. Online charity benchmark 2016 – compare your website –Victor van der Veen

4. Backs to the wall or back to the future? — Toby Bourke

5. Major gift end of the year to-do list — Karen Osborne

6. Open source fundraising — Rebecca Davies

7. Simply the best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q4 2016) — 101fundraising

8. Men in fundraising: We have a problem. And it’s you. — Matthew Sherrington

9. Changing fundraising. For good. — Ken Burnett

10. Make fundraising great again! — Charlie Hulme

11. Are we managing a fundraising decline? Only if we let ourselves. — Giles Pegram

12. I can’t thank you enough — Reinier Spruit

13. Fundraising for humans — Simon Scriver

14. I spy 5 fundraising trends in 2016 — Tom Ahern

15. A donor relationship is not a trick — Reinier Spruit

16. The Resource Alliance takes over 101fundraising! — 101fundraising

17. Decisions leadership must make for fundraising to grow — Alan Clayton

18. The people who made relationship fundraising work — Derek Humphries

19. Pratfall – how mistakes make you more attractive — Lucy Gower

20. The trouble with vanilla… — Lucy Gower

21. Leadership in fundraising innovation — Ellen Janssens

22. Simply the best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q1 2016) — 101fundraising

23. A brief history of fundraising — Giles Pegram

24. Benchmarking and goal setting – Is second best, best? — Karen Osborne

25. Open source fundraising — Rebecca Davies

26. Seeing donors as partners: Will you shift your culture? — Jackie Fowler

27. Getting back to basics — Rachel Hunnybun

28. What are the two most dangerous assumptions in fundraising? — Charlie Hulme

29. What do you need the money for? — Jaz Nannar

30. Simply the best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q3 2016) — 101fundraising

31. Fundraising in the Middle East: How, why and what — Chris Carnie

32. How answering ‘why’ and ‘what’ could change your fundraising — Charlie Hulme

33. Here be dragons — Richard Turner

34. Feeling good about feelings, facts and fundraising — Matthew Sherrington

35. What is fundraising success? — Richard Turner

36. Why are we fundraising and how can we do it better? — Charlie Hulme

37. How to DIY a digital strategy that actually works — Beate Sørum

38. When fundraising hurts: Vicarious trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue — Rebecca Davies

39. Bring back the joy of giving – it’s time to make donors smile — Richard Radcliffe

40. Three powerful major gift questions you might not be asking — Karen Osborne

41. Continuous donor choice: fundraising’s best opportunity in ages — Jackie Fowler

42. Asking the right questions — Paul DeGregorio

43. An example of greatness in donor appreciation and recognition — Reinier Spruit

44. The 50 best blog posts of 2015! — 101fundraising

45. Rebecca’s first 47 days — Rebecca Davies

46. Reset, revive, refresh – Breathing new life into F2F — David Cravinho

47. Why tests do not work for email fundraising — Mandy Johnson

48. Fundraising’s biggest smokescreen — Jonathon Grapsas

49. Exceeding supporter expectations with a WOW! — Matthew Sherrington

50. Don’t let 1,835 cats KILL your fundraising — Rory Green

As always, you’re more than welcome to re-publish these blog posts elsewhere. If you do, please add that “this post first appeared on the 101fundraising crowdblog” with a link to our homepage. We’d also appreciate it if you would let us know. Just drop a note to meg@resource-alliance.org.


[Source: Google Analytics 1 January – 31 December 2016. Questions? E-mail us.]


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Meg Gardner is the content manager at The Resource Alliance. From 2003 to 2015, she was editor-in-chief of the US-based magazine FundRaising Success (now Nonprofit Pro). Reach her at meg@resource-alliance.org.


Number Fourteen · January 4, 2017 at 22:47

Top 50 out of what, pray? Or did I miss that?

    Meg Gardner · January 5, 2017 at 00:34

    In keeping with 101fundraising’s New Year’s tradition, these are the top 50 posts on the blog from 2016, based on Google Analytics.

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