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If you want to blog at 101fundraising please respect the rules below.

    • You are blogging on fundraising and related topics for social impact organisations.
    • Your blog has a minimum length of approximately 450 words.
    • Your blog has not been published elsewhere already.
    • This crowdblog is English only. We used to be bilingual, but not any more!
    • Don’t worry, you can put your own name/link underneath your blog in your bloggers profile.
    • Intellectual argument is fine, but nothing ad hominem.
    • Nothing that would offend most reasonable people.
    • No commercial messaging! Promotion of your product or service is not allowed! Writing a quality content blog post is the best promotion you can get.
    • The 101fundraising team decides whether your blog gets published. When in doubt, check first, to avoid disappointment. We can’t guarantee your blog will be published! 
    • We can’t guarantee your blog will be published straight away. This has to do with other blogs being submitted first or with current affairs we need to prioritise.
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    • Although the blog posts on 101fundraising are on a personal basis, you might want to inform your employer that you’re going to blog. We assume you have approval to share the information you’re blogging about.
    • We also recommend you browse through the FAQ.
  • If you want you can also check the disclaimer for the usual small print

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