Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q4 2016)

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The final Top 10 of 2016. Simply an awesome list again. Superb content by great fundraisers. We have nothing to add. Read them all… Congrats to Matthew with the #1 position in the 4th quarter!

(The first post of 2017 will give you an overview of the best posts of 2016.)

Don’t forget: tomorrow is the final blog post from the current 101 team, before we handover our responsibilities to The Resource Alliance.

For now: read, learn, enjoy, like and share!

(1) Men in Fundraising: We have a problem. And it’s you. – Matthew Sherrington
(2) Major Gift End of the Year To-Do List – Karen Osborne
(3) A donor relationship is not a trick – Reinier Spruit
(4) The trouble with vanilla… – Lucy Gower
(5) Online charity benchmark 2016 – compare your website – Victor van der Veen
(6) Changing fundraising. For good. – Ken Burnett & Giles Pegram
(7) Make fundraising great again! – Charlie Hulme
(8) Are we managing a fundraising decline? Only if we let ourselves. – Giles Pegram
(9) I can’t thank you enough – Reinier Spruit
(10) Leadership in Fundraising Innovation – Ellen Janssens

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