5 years of fantastic fundraising!

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It’s exactly 5 years ago that Jeroen and I launched 101fundraising. Hip hip hooray! Yes, we are super proud, because 101 has exceeded everyone’s wildest imagination.

Superb fundraising insights from almost 101 international bloggers have been read by hundreds of thousands fundraisers from around the globe!! Just last week we surpassed the milestone of 1 million pageviews since our birth…

Reinier 5 years old.

Reinier 5 years old.

The journey we started 5 years ago was a bold one and never done before in the fundraising world: a crowdblog, run by (volunteering) fundraisers, for fundraisers.

We spent countless hours (ask our partners) promoting 101 to new audiences, organizing new blogging formats, seeking new partnerships, inviting new exciting bloggers, and above all getting more than 500 blog posts up and running, and all especially for you!

And many have appreciated us. Let’s read what the experts say about 101:

‘101fundraising is five already! I can hardly believe it. And what a wonderful, charming five-year-old it is. I love 101 because it is lively, authentic, passionate, surprising and so, so topical. And it gives airtime to a great range of voices that – even if I don’t always agree with them – should always, always be heard. Heaven knows, we need those voices now. Five is simply a great age to be. For wisdom, insight and added value this precocious five-year-old is way, way ahead of its time. Here’s to the next five years, and more!’

Ken Burnett, author of the worldwide best seller Relationship Fundraising


‘101fundraising is a true trend-setter. Since your founding 5 years ago Iceland has crowdsourced its constitution, New Zealand has crowdsourced its national flag, and the fundraising community has a source of real wisdom not found in the bars of conference centers. Happy Anniversary.’

Roger Craver and Tom Belford, The Agitator


‘There are exactly three blogs I feel guilty skipping because I know I’ve cheated myself and my clients. 101fundraising is one of those three essentials.’

Tom Ahern, top authority on fundraising and ‘persuasion’ communications


‘Congratulations to 101fundraising for reaching its 5th anniversary – it is an incredible resource for the field and I am so grateful that it exists because it is one of my go to sources.’

Beth Kanter, author of The Networked Non-Profit and Beth’s Blog


You see, I didn’t exaggerate a bit!

I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years: our readers, our bloggers and our volunteering team members.

Jeroen 5 years old.

Jeroen 5 years old.

A special word goes out to our esteemed blogger and fundraising friend Tony Elischer, who recently passed away. We’re proud to have known him and learned from him. We’ll treasure his words of wisdom.

And last but not least, thank you to our donors! Do you also want to support us, be part of our 101 family, be inscribed in our 101 Hall of Fame? Please consider making a donation.

Congratulations below are also appreciated…

Thank you. Also on behalf of Jeroen and the rest of our awesome team.

To the next 5!

Reinier Spruit

Reinier Spruit

Reinier is in love with fundraising since 2001. Ever since he's trying to improve his own fundraising skills and those of others. He's one of the original founders of 101fundraising. At the moment working with amazing clients through his one-man fundraising consultancy. Loves running and baseball.

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