Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q2 2014)

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The second quarter we’ve seen 7 new bloggers. And Rory (2x!), Sean, Josh and Joe have jumped straight into the Top 10! We love new bloggers…

Congrats to Reinier for the #1 spot this quarter. A must read!

Read, share, like, tweet, post, but most of all… learn. Enjoy!

(1) The big 5 in fundraising performance metrics – Reinier Spruit
(2) Not relationships VS results – relationships FOR results – Rory Green
(3) ASKphobia – How to overcome Ask Aversion – Rory Green
(4) Relationships vs. Results – Margaux Smith
(5) You just gotta love older people – Sean Triner
(6) Fire your donors – Josh Bowman
(7) If It Were Easy To Do, We Wouldn’t Need You – Karen Osborne
(8) How effective is your welcome program – Erik van Dorp
(9) The donor pyramid is no panacea – Ken Burnett
(10) Interviewing for a job? Here are the top 5 questions you should be asking – Joe Matassino

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