Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q1 2017)

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Here we are, folks… the first Top 10 of 2017. Great stuff, as always! Looks like there’s a lot of interest in digital — as it should be!

(1) 2017 Digital Outlook Report: 62 percent of nonprofits have no digital program – Meg Gardner

(2) Resourcing out-of-hours social media – Kirsty Marrins

(3) Podcast: Fundraising as a route to peace building – The Resource Alliance

(4) Has fundraising moved forwards, or backwards, in the last 50 years? And where next? – Giles Pegram

(5) NEW research on fundraiser-donor relationships: What part of ‘broken’ don’t we understand? – Paul Vanags

(6) 12 insights from the crystal ball: Get your fundraising ready for the future – Matthew Sherrington

(7) Fundraisers, Meet the Millennials: The Top 3 Mistakes You’re Making – Clay Boggess

(8) Hail the all-powerful Rock! -Bill Toliver

(9) How to fix face-to-face fundraising – Charlie Hulme

(10) Is there plenty of room on your fundraising island? – Marc Pitman

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