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The year comes to an end and we’re all in the holiday spirit! Time for one more Top 10… (BTW: next week we’ll publish our annual overview with the Best Blog Posts of 2014.)

Before we look at the 10 best posts of last quarter, we ask your attention for a true Christmas story. Last week we’ve published a series on the theme of the Ghosts of Christmas. Mark Phillips wrote about the Ghost of Christmas Past, Tony Elischer about the Present, and Rory Green about the Future. Did you read them all? We’ve put them together in a nice gift-wrapped package for you:

Download your FREE holiday fundraising reading here: A Fundraising Carol

We see a lot of familiar face in the Top 10 this quarter. Congrats to Rory for claiming the #1 position! But also a special mention to Rebecca Davies (#3) who launched the 101webinar initiative this quarter with awesome content.

During your holidays you have plenty of time to read the entire Top 10. It won’t take long and you’ll be up to date with the latest in fundraising worldwide… Read, like, share, tweet, post and learn!

(1) My Top 5 Takeaways From the International Fundraising Congress – Rory Green
(2) 4th Annual Fundraising Growth Analysis – Reinier Spruit
(3) Strong fundraisers, weak bosses? – Rebecca Davies
(4) December “Glass Balls” for Major Gift Teams – Karen Osborne
(5) How Philanthropic are Fundraisers? – Joe Matassino
(6) Is it me you’re looking for? The sad extinction of the donor sapiens – Francesco Ambrogetti
(7) A few words about Ebola and you – Francesco Ambrogetti & Derek Humphries
(8) What I Learned At #IWITOT – Georgia Bridgwood
(9) Evidence and Ideas: The scientific approach to fundraising? – Alan Clayton
(10) Brand awareness is King! Or is it? – Sean Triner

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