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Why so many organisations fail at Facebook

By Beate Sorum • March 2, 2015

If you find Facebook is not really working for your organisation, I am willing to bet that it is not Facebook’s fault – it’s yours. Too many take too lightly on their social media work – and get the results to match it. No such thing as a free lunch …

The Ghost of Christmas Future

By Rory Green • December 22, 2014

Think back to Christmas when you were a kid. What did that look like? How did you celebrate?
How much of your Christmas shopping was done online?
How many relatives did you Skype with on Christmas morning?
How many friends send you Holiday wishes on Facebook or Twitter?
How many Christmas dinners were instagramed?
How …

4 things we need to learn from the #nomakeupselfie phenomenon

By Georgia Bridgwood • June 16, 2014

Part 1. Successful mass participation relies on behavioural insight
I’m sure you’re aware of campaigns that started with the intention of “going viral”; if you haven’t worked on one. I know I have. It never works.
They fail because they try to force-feed the public with a key message, or get people …

Double your digital fundraising – by fixing donation forms

By Beate Sorum • January 27, 2014

If I told you that you could double your digital fundraising quite easily, wouldn’t be stupid of you not to? I think everyone would agree. Yet the sorry state of affairs is this- donation forms suck, and people are not fixing them.
There is this stubborn belief in fundraising, that if …

Fail Fast, Fail Forward

By Paul de Gregorio • October 24, 2013

I’ve just got back from the wonderful IFC conference in Holland.
Tuesday to Friday was a blur of chats, sessions, drinks, chats, more sessions and a lot of laughs.
The IFC is one of my favourite conferences because I always come back from it with a huge level of inspiration and enthusiasm …

You like me

By Mary Lynn Lalonde • September 2, 2013

What’s not to like about our donors?
Sally Field is almost as famous for her 1985 Academy Award-acceptance speech for Places in the Heart as she is for her entire acting career: “I can’t deny the fact that you like me,” she gushed. “Right now, you like me.”
Flash forward to 2013 …

Digital is the ‘New Normal’, so why is digital fundraising still so rubbish?

By Rachel Beer • May 30, 2013

I was on a conference call with someone the other day and they mentioned, “Surfing the web”, and then, immediately, almost embarrassed, added, “who says that anymore?!”
It’s true, no one says that anymore.  We’re online and using digital media so much now we don’t really even call it anything.  It’s …

Fundraiser, are you too busy to change the world?

By Ken Burnett • May 23, 2013

I wonder if, like me, you sometimes feel this modern world is going just too fast? Perhaps, as I am, you’re increasingly coming to doubt that the many technological advances of our times are actually making our lives easier and better, like they promised they would? By any chance, does …

Don’t forget your pen: Do’s and don’ts of digital fundraising

By Maia Kahlke Mikkelsen • May 6, 2013

I spent my entire summer in a summer course studying digital innovation with a bunch of 19-20 year old university undergrads. Apart from making me feel very, very old, they also taught me a few very valuable lessons.
Watching them all getting writers cramps one by one during the written exam …

The power of video storytelling

By Jonathon Grapsas • March 21, 2013

We all love watching a good video clip. In the last couple of years we’ve been captivated by the likes of charity:water, Kony, and now the zillion versions of the Harlem Shake.
Lots of views, tonnes of excitement, all bringing something a little unique.
Video presents both an opportunity and a threat …