Authentic Fundraising: The Clark Kent Approach

By Kimberly Mackenzie • September 29, 2016

When I introduced the Authentic Fundraiser I talked about the need for a less traditional sales approach. In this post I’m going to dig a little deeper into how “professional” fundraising professionals should be?
People have been practicing acts of philanthropy to address social needs for thousands of years. It is …

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Authentic Fundraising: The Clark Kent Approach

By Kimberly Mackenzie • September 29, 2016

When I introduced the Authentic Fundraiser I talked about the need for a less traditional sales approach. In this post I’m going to dig a little deeper into how “professional” fundraising professionals should be?
People have been practicing acts of philanthropy to address social needs for thousands of years. It is …

Leadership in Fundraising Innovation

By Ellen Janssens • September 26, 2016

For more than a decade there have been no radical changes to our fundraising strategies and techniques. Recent developments, in and outside our sector, will force us to develop new ways to engage with our supporters and innovations that go beyond the fundraising departments.
Next to the impact of regulatory changes …

Asking the right questions

By Paul de Gregorio • September 22, 2016

The theme of this year’s IFC conference is ‘Asking the Right Questions’.
As someone who spends most of his time working with UK charities I don’t think there has ever been a better time to pause, breathe and think about the things we can do to drive real change in the …

Why are we fundraising and how can we do it better?

By Charlie Hulme • September 19, 2016

Another year, another IFC. Another round of presentations ranging from the transformative (none more so than this masterclass, ‘Reinventing the Donor Experience’ by Kevin Schulman and Adrian Sargeant) to the tawdry (tempting but unfair to name but, like any conference, always plenty of choice).
And of course another jaunty slogan. So …

Who likes change?

By Rachel Hunnybun • September 15, 2016

Several years ago I went through a hefty psychometric evaluation for a role I was interviewing for. It was a great experience that left me with a fifty page document all about me and how I behave. I still refer to that document at times, just to remind myself who …

Feeling Good about Feelings, Facts and Fundraising

By Matthew Sherrington • September 12, 2016

“What the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow.”
– James Stephens, Poet, 1880 – 1950
When I was a kid coming to terms with the insignificance of self, it was the infinity of the big wide universe that was my un-doing. If, post-Big Bang, the universe was ever-expanding, what was it expanding …

Transformative change depends on a new kind of leader

By Kyla Shawyer • September 8, 2016

Non-profits are no longer guaranteed a free lunch. We have to work harder than ever to raise the funds we need, which — as we have seen in many instances around the world — leaves us vulnerable to accusations of hard selling. The potential impact of this on trust and …

Fundraising in the Middle East: How, Why and What

By Chris Carnie • September 6, 2016

What image do you have of the Middle East? Watch the television or read the news and you are likely to see bombs and bullets, injured children and the shifting sands of multiple war zones.
But there is another place in the sophisticated cities of the Middle East where a well-educated, …

Reset, revive, refresh – Breathing new life into F2F

By David Cravinho • September 1, 2016

On a sunny afternoon in 1998, my progress along a central Brighton street was interrupted in a way that ended up changing the course of my own life, as well as heralding a step change for the fundraising sector. A friendly greeting was followed by an engaging and genuine dialogue. …

The upcoming IFC will be challenging presenters and participants as never before

By Mike Johnston • August 29, 2016

There will be hard questions asked about our sector and I wanted to take a crack at one of them: “If it’s true that one size does NOT fit all donors, and we have limited resources, are there ways for us to give donors a personalized, yet mass marketing, experience?”
I …


HELP NEEDED: Jailed in Dubai for Helping Children

By Ken Burnett • August 25, 2016

Urgent help needed to persuade UK Prime Minister Theresa May to intervene on behalf of British-Australian fundraiser held in Dubai. Please sign our petition.
Fundraising for worthy causes should never be a crime.
Scott Richards, a British-Australian volunteer fundraiser has been charged by Dubai authorities for “fundraising without permission”. His crime? Sharing …

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Best posts Q2 2016

Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q2 2016)

By 101fundraising • July 7, 2016

It’s half time. And I’m not talking about the European Football Championships. We’ve just concluded our second quarter.
Again we have 10 gems for you. And Q2 shows us how international our crowdblog is with posts from the USA, Norway, Australia (2x), Canada (2x), UK (3x) and The Netherlands. Congrats to Karen for …

Thanking – my goodness it really works

By Joe Sutton • June 9, 2016

Donors like to be thanked and we like to thank donors. Don’t we?  Yes, particularly if it’s cheap and quick. Let me tell you what we did.  It was fairly cheap, not so quick, but rather simple. I also have some great evidence that it works for supporters. Hope and …

The acceptable face of fundraising targets

By Ken Burnett • May 26, 2016

If the donor experience, not fundraising targets, should be at the heart of future fundraising strategies, how will our organisations achieve what they need?
Some years ago I squirreled away a cryptic comment from a guy called Toby Bourke, former head of donor acquisition at Greenpeace International and director of fundraising …

Three Powerful Major Gift Questions You Might Not Be Asking

By Karen Osborne • May 23, 2016

You already know the importance of asking strategic questions and listening to understand (rather than to respond or even worse not listen and only react). Having strategic conversations with your donors, helps you establish rapport, build trust, uncover essential information and share your mission and vision in an interactive and …

Invest. Experience. Loyalty. Retention. Income. Repeat.

By Reinier Spruit • May 19, 2016

If you are able to keep your donors longer, you will raise more funds for your cause. Simple as that.
The simplest way I can explain it:
We invest in our staff and our fundraising programs. This should result in the best possible experience for both potential and existing donors. This influences …

A Brief History of Fundraising

By Giles Pegram • May 9, 2016

Once upon a time there was a need. A number of people recognised it and wanted to do something about it. They knew this would involve them giving money. That wasn’t a problem.
They needed to be organised, so they set up an office. An organisation. The government had decided that …

How to DIY a digital strategy that actually works

By Beate Sørum • April 18, 2016

Wouldn’t you like to relax and have a digital strategy that works, rather than chase the latest new social media channel and always wonder if you’re spending your time in the wrong place?
You can have that! Luckily, there’s a really simple framework for getting some zen and peace of mind. …

Fundraising’s biggest smokescreen

By Jonathon Grapsas • April 12, 2016

Warning: this post may offend some readers.
When was the last time you read a blog that waxed lyrical about retention and how if you really look after your donors it’ll be the equivalent of fundraising and donor nirvana?
Probably earlier today.
How often in the last 12 months has your board and …

British Fundraising Is in a Crisis – of Courage

By Sean Triner • April 7, 2016

As a fundraiser from the UK it  has been really upsetting for  me to watch how many UK fundraisers have been reacting to the negative press that is focused on charity fundraising.
Fundraising consultant Mark Lawson told me the charities’ reactions were mainly  “…lots of people saying ‘I told you so’ …

Don’t let 1,835 Cats KILL Your Fundraising

By Rory Green • March 30, 2016

Every year, my favourite charity saves 1,835 cats in Vancouver.
But they don’t talk to me about that. They tell me about one cat at a time. Why? Because they understand what makes a great thank you letter…
The thank you letter is an often neglected piece of donor communication. It sits, …

Rebecca’s First 47 Days

By Rebecca Davies • March 24, 2016

This Monday, March 28, I’m reporting to work in my new role as Chief Development Officer for Save the Children Canada.
It’s been more than a year since I left my last full-time staff position. Since then, I’ve been consulting and taking interim roles in order to find the perfect fit. …

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