Dutch Cancer Society recruits 50,000 donors via telethon

2010 was a very special and historic fundraising year for KWF, the Dutch Cancer Society. We reached €100 million gross income from fundraising and recruited 115,000 new structural donors. A record in the history of KWF, which is the largest nonprofit in the Netherlands based on fundraising income.

One of the highlights in 2010 was the fundraising TV show “Stand Up To Cancer” which generated 50,000 new structural donors. This was the fourth fundraising TV show since 2006.  This last one exceeded everyone’s expectations except our host Ruben Nicolai, a Dutch celebrity: he opened the show with his personal dream of 50,000 new donors, which is more than twice the result of the show in 2009. Our host proved to be very prophetic.


KWF’s Telethon: 50.000 nieuwe donateurs

2010 was voor KWF Kankerbestrijding een heel bijzonder en historisch fondsenwervend jaar. We hebben voor het eerst de grens geslecht van € 100 miljoen baten eigen fondsenwerving en hebben 115.000 nieuwe structurele donateurs geworven. Een record in de historie van KWF Kankerbestrijding.

Eén van de hoogtepunten in 2010 was de fondsenwervende Tv-show ‘Sta op tegen Kanker’ (AVRO) die maar liefst 50.000 nieuwe structurele donateurs genereerde. TV is de afgelopen jaren een bijna vaste waarde in de kanalen-mix om donateurs te werven en dit was de 4e fondsenwervende Tv-show van KWF sinds 2006. Maar deze laatste overtrof werkelijk ieders verwachtingen behalve die van onze presentator Ruben Nicolai: hij sprak in de live uitzending zijn droom uit van 50.000 nieuwe donateurs en bleek gelukkig profetische eigenschappen te hebben.


Communication and Fundraising, the never ending story…

The past 2 ½ years I travelled to different countries and met lots of people engaged in a wide range of fundraising activities and campaigns. Despite the obvious differences in ‘couleur locale’, it always struck me that fundraisers are struggling with the same questions and problems, if it is in Japan, Italy or Brazil.

One of these issues coming up over and over again is the cooperation between Fundraising and Communications. More specific digital communication as communication through the website, webvertising, Twitter, social networking, crowdfunding, etc. The digital area offers great new fundraising opportunities with yet unknown potential. If you visit a doctor, buy a new car or want to know what’s happening in the Middle East, the first thing you do is surfing the web. What do you think a potential donor will do…?

Knowing this, it would seem obvious that every communication department is fully prepared to receive these donor prospects. An effective digital communication strategy is in place aimed at attracting and informing prospects in such a way that they are guided to the appropriate webpage where they are one mouse click away from their so-much-wanted donation. (more…)

Fondsenwerving bij bedrijven gaat steeds minder over fondsen

In de 8 jaar dat ik fondsenwerver ben, is het vak er alleen maar leuker op geworden. Maar niet makkelijker. Ik vertel niks nieuws als ik zeg dat (hoewel onze inkomsten groeien) het aantal cheques dat wij in ontvangst mogen nemen met de boodschap “doe er wat goeds mee”,  terugloopt. De donateur wil steeds meer betrokken zijn bij de besteding van zijn geld.  (En terecht.)

Zeker bedrijven verwachten in toenemende mate een maatwerkoplossing die aansluit bij hun merk en bedrijfsdoelen. Uit een onderzoek dat wij vorig jaar bij SOS Kinderdorpen deden onder 16 multinationals, bleek duidelijk dat bedrijven steeds (pro)actiever worden in het inzetten van hun kerncompetenties voor een betere wereld. Hierbij is groeiende aandacht voor het creëren van een business win en het betrekken van de medewerkers.

Deze trends bieden ons fondsenwervers naast grote kansen ook veel uitdagingen. (more…)

Corporate fundraising is less and less about funds

In the eight years that I’m a fundraiser, the profession has become a lot more fun. But not easier. I don’t tell anything new when I say that (although our revenues grow) the number of checks we receive with the message “go ahead, do something good” decline. The supporter increasingly wants to be more involved in the spending of his donation. (And rightly so.)

Certainly companies increasingly expect a tailored solution that matches their brand and business objectives. A study we did last year at SOS Children’s Villages Netherlands among 16 multinationals, made it clear that companies are being more (pro) active in using their core competencies for a better world. Attached is a growing interest in creating a business win and involvement of the employees.

Besides great opportunities, these trends offer our fundraisers also many challenges. (more…)

So you want to learn how to do fundraising, eh?

As 30-year veteran of fundraising, I get asked a LOT of, well, silly questions about fundraising. But the most obvious one that shows someone is just learning the field is: “So how DO you do fundraising?”

The (obvious) answer is: well, that depends on what kind of funds you want to raise. So the first thing you need to do if you’re starting in this field is to learn the nomenclature, the language. That way, you can tell the difference between a TYPE of fundraising, and a TECHNIQUE of fundraising. For example, a charity run is a technique. So is a $500-a-plate dinner. But each of these goes after a different TYPE of donor. (more…)

Major gifts: Fundraising from the frontlines

Years ago when I stepped on the tee box to play my first round of golf, I assumed success. My swing, short game and putting were decent after months of practice at the driving range. But that day my game never took off to even be able to fall apart. I knew the rules and had reliable shots – all the necessarytransactions to the game. I did not, however, know the etiquette of golf: the social behaviours that enhance the experience and sport, and expose a novice like I was then. I talked. A lot. I constantly walked in front of others’ lines on the green, and my club must still be at the bottom of that pond. Of course I was never invited out by that group again. In recreational golf, technique is necessary as a point of entry but is not enough.Values-based behaviour is as important to succeeding at the game as having a consistent fairway shot. (more…)

Welkom fondsenwervers!

Hallo en welkom bij onze allereerste blog post! Wij zijn enthousiast over fondsenwerving en nonprofit marketing, dus zijn we een nieuw fondsenwerving blog begonnen. Jij bent getuige van een historisch moment met de lancering van 101fundraising. Ten minste, dat hopen we… (more…)

Welcome fundraisers!

Hello, and welcome to our very first blog post! We are excited about fundraising and nonprofit marketing, so we decided to create a new fundraising blog. You are witnessing a historic moment with the launch of 101fundraising. At least, we hope… (more…)