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A Privileged, Middle-Aged, White, Male Has Views on Diversity

By Derek Humphries • May 24, 2018

Diversity (2)

I’m not even sure I should be doing this. And that’s part of the problem. You see, while it’s not at all hard for me to talk about diversity and inclusion, I do find it is hard to do so without getting the odd sneery comment about virtue signalling. Obviously, …

The Donosaur’s Lament

By Paul Delbar • June 23, 2016

We used to run into each other at fundraising conferences and events, but it had been a while since we had met. When I called her and suggested catching up over lunch, I was hoping for an enthusiastic response … but it took three calls to convince her to get …

Pratfall – how mistakes make you more attractive

By Lucy Gower • April 21, 2016

Pratfall is a term coined by psychologist Elliot Aronson to describe the bias of how your attractiveness to someone or something increases or decreases after making a blunder or a mistake (or a pratfall).
The impact of pratfall depends on how you are already perceived. If you are well regarded, a pratfall …

How to Activate Your Community to Become Fundraisers for Your Organization

By Simona Lazeu • April 5, 2016

Fundraising is by no means an easy task! Charities of all sizes constantly strive to increase the amount of annual donations, and raise awareness about their cause. And now, peer-to-peer fundraising is helping nonprofits towards both of these goals like never before. But can we stimulate this fundraising channel even …

Why Digital Skills are Important to Fundraisers

By Paul C. Nazareth • February 11, 2016

The social-profit sector needs fundraisers to dive in to a digital way of living and thinking more than ever. And in 2016 if you aren’t,  you’re going to get left behind.  Here’s 3 reasons why digital skills are the must-build, right now:
1.Transparency and Passive-Engagement. It used to be that if …

Trust, Confidence and Impact

By Richard Radcliffe • December 10, 2015

Please turn yourself into your Grandmother. This might be hard if she is no longer with us. I only met one of my Grandmothers and she was run over and killed by a Rolls Royce in 1960. At least she went with style. Goodness, imagine being run over by an …

Have we reached boiling point? – Why we need fundraising to change

By Richard Turner • November 26, 2015

Apparently if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will jump out. Yet put a frog in a pot of water and gradually heat it up the frog will not jump out as it boils.
Over a year ago on 101 Fundraising I wrote that the rules of …

Focus is power

By Rob Woods • October 12, 2015

‘Two weeks of my time, completely wasted!’ The frustration was evident on the face of the corporate fundraiser. She had been telling me she had known from the start that the partnership she’d been told to pitch for could never work, that it made absolutely no sense strategically. And yet …

Can you create a culture of increased giving?

By Karen Osborne • September 3, 2015

Propelling your organization to double-digit growth, exponential mission impact, and leadership in your movement, there are only a few strategies that consistently make the grade.

Focus on major gifts from all sources 
Make individual giving a top priority
Keep EVERY donor through donor care and retention strategy 
Build a world-class board
Nurture a culture of …

Are you representing or stereotyping the people you serve?

By Matthew Sherrington • June 4, 2015

“Show a people as one thing, over and over again, and that is what they become”, said author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her thought-provoking TED talk on the danger of telling a single story.
She asks questions about the responsibility to tell more than a single story, about what it means …