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The Donosaur’s Lament

By Paul Delbar • June 23, 2016

We used to run into each other at fundraising conferences and events, but it had been a while since we had met. When I called her and suggested catching up over lunch, I was hoping for an enthusiastic response … but it took three calls to convince her to get …

Stop talking about what’s next in fundraising!

By Victoria Ward • June 2, 2016

Whenever I go to a fundraising conference or meet with other fundraisers, one question that without fail comes up is ‘What’s next in fundraising?’ It’s like we are hoping for someone to wave a magic wand and say ‘Hey Guys! Here is the next big thing that will raise all …

How to DIY a digital strategy that actually works

By Beate Sorum • April 18, 2016

Wouldn’t you like to relax and have a digital strategy that works, rather than chase the latest new social media channel and always wonder if you’re spending your time in the wrong place?
You can have that! Luckily, there’s a really simple framework for getting some zen and peace of mind. …

Your most awkward fundraising moment ever

By Maeve Strathy • March 17, 2016

Imagine this.
You’re in a meeting with a donor. So you’ve done the hardest part already: you got the meeting. This donor really wanted to meet with you and she actually invited you to her home!
You’re in her kitchen, drinking tea and getting to know each other. You find out what …

Why Digital Skills are Important to Fundraisers

By Paul C. Nazareth • February 11, 2016

The social-profit sector needs fundraisers to dive in to a digital way of living and thinking more than ever. And in 2016 if you aren’t,  you’re going to get left behind.  Here’s 3 reasons why digital skills are the must-build, right now:
1.Transparency and Passive-Engagement. It used to be that if …

Four Things from #IFC2015 That Will Help You be a Better Fundraiser

By Rory Green • October 29, 2015

The Resource Alliance’s International Fundraising Congress is hands down the best investment a fundraiser can make in their career and themselves. Every year, some of the best minds in fundraising gather in Noordwijk to elevate the sector. I had the privilege of attending this year and I came away with …

Same, same. But different.

By Jonathon Grapsas • July 2, 2015

I’m likely preaching to the converted here. A group of fundraisers reading an international fundraising blog may not feel there are seismic shifts in the way people behave in different countries.
And they’d be right for the most part.
I started my fundraising career in the UK. Spent chunks of time back …

Believe the Hype (Cycle)

By Margaux Smith • June 8, 2015

How many of you have been frustrated by the hype of the ‘next big thing’? Our whole sector experienced it last year when #nomakeupselfie and the #icebucketchallenge took off – ‘create a campaign just like that for us’ said our boards and bosses.
You and I know that’s not really the …

Silver bullets and cross stitch

By Lucy Gower • April 16, 2015

At every conference I have ever been to there has been a session called ‘the next big thing’ and delegates turn up expectantly hoping for a silver bullet that will give them all the answers.
Last week was no different, at e campaigning forum (ecf), digital campaigners, volunteers and fundraisers gathered …

What fundraisers can learn from how activists are using mobile to organise

By Paul de Gregorio • March 26, 2015

No one can doubt that the mobile phone is now a firmly established fundraising tool.
As a sector we’re taking full advantage of the opportunity. Text to donate asks appear on trains, the tube, the back of washroom doors and are central to telethons like CRUK’s Stand Up To Cancer. Recently …