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How answering ‘Why’ and ‘What’ could change your fundraising

By Charlie Hulme • May 12, 2016

a.k.a. how much money would you raise if you knew anything meaningful about ‘your’ donors?
Do you recognize her?
She’s been on your house file for three and a half years now. Each month she gives you the £3 you originally asked her for. She’s comfortably off, supports many other causes and …

British Fundraising Is in a Crisis – of Courage

By Sean Triner • April 7, 2016

As a fundraiser from the UK it  has been really upsetting for  me to watch how many UK fundraisers have been reacting to the negative press that is focused on charity fundraising.
Fundraising consultant Mark Lawson told me the charities’ reactions were mainly  “…lots of people saying ‘I told you so’ …

When less is more

By Rachel Beer • August 18, 2015

For almost as long as I’ve been a fundraiser, I’ve struggled with the disconnect between the notion that more donors equals more funds raised and the reality – that I’ve seen too often – that the quest for volume results in less net income for the charity.
Yet it persists. The psychology …

How to be relevant to your donors

By Charlie Hulme • May 28, 2015

Six major international development charities were asked a very simple question; “what’s the reason donor’s support you and not your competitors?” Each gave their answer. A cross section of their donors was asked a similar question; “what’s the reason you give to this charity and not the others?”
Not once did the …

A tale of two donors

By Charlie Hulme • March 9, 2015

or The ENORMOUS difference in value between ‘what’ and ‘why’
Charlotte and Emily have never met. They are the same age, live in the same area, have the same income, the same outgoings and the same number of children.
Three years ago today both were out shopping when, independently, they stopped …

4th Annual Fundraising Growth Analysis

By Reinier Spruit • December 10, 2014

Oops, I did it again. Like previous years I sliced and diced the Central Bureau of Fundraising (CBF) annual figures into some sort of growth analysis for the Dutch market.
Perhaps I should not repeat the methodology and disclaimer, because you’re probably not gonna read it anyway. Most of you scroll straight down to …

By 2018 Some People Think Fundraising Should Happen For Free!

By Tony Elischer • June 19, 2014

In the UK 2014 maybe the year that we finally come out of recession, but like all economic changes it will take at least two years truly to filter through to fundraising results and impacts. When the recession started in September 2008 we braced ourselves for the ‘collapse’ of fundraising, …

The BIG 5 in fundraising performance metrics

By Reinier Spruit • May 8, 2014

You might love it. You might hate it. But if you respect your donors and your work as a fundraiser you are likely to spend a few hours per week looking at reports. Those reports will tell you all sorts of things about the behavior of your donors, a.k.a. your …

Corporate people fundraising- new to you too?

By Damian Chapman • May 1, 2014

I was sat in Hyde Park the other day reading through the feedback notes from a fundraising development day I had recently, when I came across a note I had scribbled in the margins of a particularly boring section of notes. It read, “check the people”. It made no sense …

3rd Annual Fundraising Growth Analysis

By Reinier Spruit • December 16, 2013

It’s that time of the year again. Rankings are everywhere. Today we’re looking at a growth ranking of the 224 largest Dutch fundraising non-profits. The data (2007-2012) are provided with the courtesy of the Central Bureau of Fundraising, who will publish their annual report this week.
Like last year, I’ve focused my analysis …