101fundraising archive of IFC-2016

The Three Questions I’m Asking After #IFC2016

By Maeve Strathy • October 24, 2016

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my pajamas, slowly adjusting back to Eastern Standard Time after a week in the Netherlands.
I just had the incredible honour of attending the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) in Noordwijk. Not only that, I had the further honour of attending as one of IFC’s …

Asking the right questions

By Paul de Gregorio • September 22, 2016

The theme of this year’s IFC conference is ‘Asking the Right Questions’.
As someone who spends most of his time working with UK charities I don’t think there has ever been a better time to pause, breathe and think about the things we can do to drive real change in the …

Who likes change?

By Rachel Hunnybun • September 15, 2016

Several years ago I went through a hefty psychometric evaluation for a role I was interviewing for. It was a great experience that left me with a fifty page document all about me and how I behave. I still refer to that document at times, just to remind myself who …

Transformative change depends on a new kind of leader

By Kyla Shawyer • September 8, 2016

Non-profits are no longer guaranteed a free lunch. We have to work harder than ever to raise the funds we need, which — as we have seen in many instances around the world — leaves us vulnerable to accusations of hard selling. The potential impact of this on trust and …

Fundraising in the Middle East: How, Why and What

By Chris Carnie • September 6, 2016

What image do you have of the Middle East? Watch the television or read the news and you are likely to see bombs and bullets, injured children and the shifting sands of multiple war zones.
But there is another place in the sophisticated cities of the Middle East where a well-educated, …

Reset, revive, refresh – Breathing new life into F2F

By David Cravinho • September 1, 2016

On a sunny afternoon in 1998, my progress along a central Brighton street was interrupted in a way that ended up changing the course of my own life, as well as heralding a step change for the fundraising sector. A friendly greeting was followed by an engaging and genuine dialogue. …

The upcoming IFC will be challenging presenters and participants as never before

By Mike Johnston • August 29, 2016

There will be hard questions asked about our sector and I wanted to take a crack at one of them: “If it’s true that one size does NOT fit all donors, and we have limited resources, are there ways for us to give donors a personalized, yet mass marketing, experience?”
I …

What is fundraising success?

By Richard Turner • July 25, 2016

The theme of this year’s IFC is asking the right questions.
So here is my question: What is fundraising success?
The answer is obvious surely? It’s how much money we raise.
Success is based on getting from £X to £Y where Y is greater than X. Look at any fundraising award citation in …