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How can fundraising thrive in Brazil?

By Mariana Chammas • July 12, 2018


What is interesting about a country where the giving culture is still developing? A country with thousands of non-profits, many of them volunteer-based and some other trying to figure out the basics of fundraising? At the same time, a country where we can also find many of the big INGOs, …

Why getting together is good for fundraising

By Stephen George • June 16, 2018

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There was once a piano in the centre of the bar in the hotel where we gathered to share fundraising stories. As the night wore on, the crowd sang with gusto as the lone player took requests. Eventually as people left, it finally boiled down to just a hardy few, …

Reset, revive, refresh – Breathing new life into F2F

By David Cravinho • September 1, 2016

On a sunny afternoon in 1998, my progress along a central Brighton street was interrupted in a way that ended up changing the course of my own life, as well as heralding a step change for the fundraising sector. A friendly greeting was followed by an engaging and genuine dialogue. …

British Fundraising Is in a Crisis – of Courage

By Sean Triner • April 7, 2016

As a fundraiser from the UK it  has been really upsetting for  me to watch how many UK fundraisers have been reacting to the negative press that is focused on charity fundraising.
Fundraising consultant Mark Lawson told me the charities’ reactions were mainly  “…lots of people saying ‘I told you so’ …

8 Recommendations to optimize F2F

By Daryl Upsall • September 10, 2015

Name two Austrian inventions that have gone global and engage with many 1000s of young people worldwide. OK, so you knew all about Red Bull and no doubt our younger readers here are using to keep their eyes open as they read this blog. What about the other invention then?
Twenty …

Solidarity, Ubuntu & iPads: canvassing in South Africa

By Rebecca Davies • January 29, 2015

South Africa. A beautiful, complicated country that’s only recently emerged from a very difficult past. In terms of fundraising, it’s considered an emerging market.
From the story and webinar below, I hope fundraisers around the world find in canvassing inspiration and interpretation anew. Face-to-face: the political and intensely human acquisition channel.
1. …

Friends and Money: Building Confidence to Make “The Ask”

By Joe Matassino • September 1, 2014

It all boils down to “the ask”, doesn’t it? All the phone calls, lunches, meetings, tours, events, trips; all that cultivation, it’s all fun and games until the ask.
People give money because they care about the cause, because they feel a duty to give, because they want to make a …

How big is your donor?

By Francesco Ambrogetti • July 8, 2014

Along with the World Cup (depending on the team, of course), we celebrate fund raising achievements. We look at results and trends from last year and partly with a sigh of relief and hope for this year: in 2013 in US charitable giving was at the same level it was …

Fundraising Lessons from a Con-Man

By Matthew Sherrington • April 14, 2014

What’s the difference between a fundraiser and a con-man?
There could be a joke there, but I think I’d be asking for trouble, and anyway, I can’t think of a funny punch line.  It’s a bit close to the bone perhaps, given sensitivities about face to face, door to door and …

I Just Called To Say I Love You

By Paul Tavatgis • April 10, 2014

Stevie Wonder would make a great welcome caller, he could follow up with “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” and your new donor would be yours forever. But even if it isn’t Stevie isn’t calling all of the new donors from your face to face program – someone should 
We …