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Open Source Fundraising

By Rebecca Davies • December 19, 2016

2016 is ending not completely without marvel for me. Two great things happened last week. First, on December 16, the family of Canadian philanthropists Larry and Judy Tanenbaum donated $20 million to create the Tanenbaum Open Institute at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. Inspired by open science, these donors …

How we Raised the $ to Sponsor a Large Refugee Family from Syria

By Rebecca Davies • November 6, 2015

We’re The Ripple Refugee Project, a group of private citizens in Toronto who’ve come together because we want to help refugee families start new lives in Canada.And under Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program, that first means fundraising.
Of course, fundraising is only one part of the resettlement process; there are …

Fundraiser – you can be the difference: 4 tips to get started on the right track

By Wayne McKenzie • October 8, 2015

A friend of mine has spent three years working with refugees on the border of Turkey and Syria. Sometimes the challenges were overwhelming, 16 hour days for weeks on end, as the stream of people continued to surge. What difference can one person make? Yet she did. She is a …

The Syrian refugee crisis, tipping points and fundraising

By Reinier Spruit • September 7, 2015

Remember how you felt last week when you saw the photo of Aylan Kurdi, the little Syrian boy who drowned and ended up on a Turkish resort beach? Or when you saw Laith Majid, the father crying and embracing his children as they arrived on the beaches of Greece? Both …

Finding committed donors from disaster responders

By Sean Triner • April 29, 2015

A devastating earthquake hits Nepal. Many people are killed, and tens of thousands are without shelter, clean water and food. International organisations from nation states, UN and NGOs respond fast.
People all over the world see the disaster on TV, are stirred emotionally and want to help. They want to do …

Question: what do all recent fundraising success stories have in common?

By Charlie Hulme • October 30, 2014

Answer: None of them started with fundraisers!
Fundraisers here at IFC and all over the sector are raving about the spontaneous phenomena of the ‘No make-up selfie’ and the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. But in our wildest dreams do we believe these phenomenon would have happened on the scale they did if …

A few words about Ebola and you

By Francesco Ambrogetti • October 27, 2014

By Francesco Ambrogetti and Derek Humphries
‘Ebola’ and ‘you’.
These are probably not words you want to think about. Not in such close proximity. Not words any of us want to see so close to each other.
Whether you are on the New York subway, in downtown Madrid, or an urban slum in …

Fundraising in the First World War: fighting the good fight

By Tony Charalambides • May 15, 2014

July will mark 100 years exactly since the beginning of the First World War – a battle that witnessed global carnage on a scale few could have imagined. Britain, for its part, lost just under a million young lives (over 2% of its population), and worldwide an estimated 16-65 million …

Good donors, bad donors

By Francesco Ambrogetti • March 13, 2014

In a series of though provoking articles, the New York Times asked prominent philanthropists and scholars to discuss the status of contemporary giving and charities. Peter Buffet (son of Warren Buffet and Chairman of NoVo foundation) argued against the “conscience laundering” (in his own words “feeling better about accumulating more …

Ready. Acquire. Aim.

By Rebecca Davies • July 19, 2012

Once, twelve days into a new fiscal year, we threw out the annual plan.
Fundraisers love – and should love – their strategic and annual plans. We need plans. Then sometimes we need new ones. This is a blog post about agile planning, and thinking less linearly about the planning cycle.
Admittedly, …