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IFC 2018 – The End of Fundraising as we know it

By Ellen Janssens • November 15, 2018

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It’s been a month since the IFC 2018 has ended. The danger is always to return to ‘business as usual’. However, more than ever this year indicated the start of a new era. Fundraising will have to change fundamentally. New technologies like blockchain introduce new ways of giving, and new …

How to collaborate successfully for greater impact

By Sarah Carter • October 9, 2018


Managing one culture is tricky enough but what about when two or more organisations want to work together to achieve a shared outcome? How can they ensure their cultures work together for the benefit of the beneficiary rather than unwittingly competing against each other? Here Sarah Carter, Culture Consultant, explores …

How can fundraising thrive in Brazil?

By Mariana Chammas • July 12, 2018


What is interesting about a country where the giving culture is still developing? A country with thousands of non-profits, many of them volunteer-based and some other trying to figure out the basics of fundraising? At the same time, a country where we can also find many of the big INGOs, …

Why getting together is good for fundraising

By Stephen George • June 16, 2018

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There was once a piano in the centre of the bar in the hotel where we gathered to share fundraising stories. As the night wore on, the crowd sang with gusto as the lone player took requests. Eventually as people left, it finally boiled down to just a hardy few, …

How’s your persecution complex? Mine’s doing fine, thanks.

By Sarah Clifton • May 10, 2018

Sarah Clifton

I’m lucky enough to work in an organisation (and a management team) where fundraising is seen as an essential aspect of our daily work and our shared responsibility as leaders – to serve more children and do more good. But when I made the step from ‘fundraiser’ to ‘management,’ I …

Blijft geloofwaardigheid essentieel?

By Gerbren Deves • May 23, 2011

Nederlanders zijn over het algemeen calvinistisch ingesteld en slaan zichzelf niet op de borst bij goed gedrag. Sterker, wij Nederlanders keuren borstklopperij vaak af. Zo werkt dat ook in fondsenwervingsland: het is deze ingetogen inslag die bepaalt dat je niet hoort te praten over je steun aan goede doelen, zeker …

Have I told you lately that I love you? (part 2)

By Derek Humphries • May 4, 2011

OK, so you’ve done your strategic speed-dating (also known as ‘a pitch’), and it’s time to get on with some proper work.
All being well, you’ve genuinely will fallen in love with an agency. Your agency. All being well they will be making you feel that they only have eyes for …

Have I told you lately that I love you? (part 1)

By Derek Humphries • April 29, 2011

Relationships, eh, who’d have ‘em!? We talk about them a lot in fundraising don’t we?
So today I want to give a tender caress to those relationships we probably don’t focus on enough, namely those between clients and their agencies (and vice versa).
In doing so I’d like to tip my hat …

Missie en passie

By Hanneke Warrink • April 4, 2011

Als ik terug denk aan de dag waarop mijn baan als fondsenwerver ook mijn passie en missie werd dan weet ik dat nog goed. Ik ging op mijn eerste dienstreis: India. Met privé voldoende vlieg- en verblijfsuren in het Verre Oosten op zak verheugde ik me op deze trip. De …

Love is in the air: corporate fundraising

By Erik van Dorp • March 7, 2011

Bij veel goede doelen is het besef gekomen dat bedrijven een cruciale rol spelen bij het creëren van een betere wereld. Maar voor veel goede doelen is het bedrijfsleven een grote, wat bedreigende onbekende. Een beetje zoals Monty Python’s Merchant Banker.
Het goede nieuws is dat het bedrijfsleven meer en meer …