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The problem with money

By Francesco Ambrogetti • July 19, 2018

Wall Street

I think it is quite ironic that most nonprofits and fundraisers have so much trouble with money. The ways we consider the money we raise and the money we spend are still measured and defined by the old-fashioned rules of charitable activities. Charitable money is a gift, it is free; …

Alphonse move over! Here’s the donation button!

By Victor van der Veen • February 14, 2011

Have you met Alphonse? At presentations perhaps? Seminars? Maybe he has even been to your office! For those who do not know Alphonse (by exeptbasses), please watch this short clip:

Alphonse, aan de kant! Hier komt de donatie knop!

By Victor van der Veen • February 14, 2011

Heeft u Alphonse al ontmoet? Bij presentaties? Vakdagen? Of misschien is hij al bij u op kantoor geweest! Voor degene die hem niet kennen, (door exeptbasses) een filmpje: