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Donor-centred fundraising – are you prepared to take a leap of faith?

By Jackie Fowler • October 22, 2015

With so much concern about how the charity sector treats donors and those it hopes will become supporters, suddenly the donor is right there in the spotlight. What do donors want? How can we meet those needs – and still ensure we deliver to income targets? What is the best …

When less is more

By Rachel Beer • August 18, 2015

For almost as long as I’ve been a fundraiser, I’ve struggled with the disconnect between the notion that more donors equals more funds raised and the reality – that I’ve seen too often – that the quest for volume results in less net income for the charity.
Yet it persists. The psychology …

I ❤ Premium Direct Mail!!!!

By Sean Triner • July 6, 2015

Choose one:

You love premium direct mail
You hate premium direct mail
Love and hate are irrelevant – what you want is to maximize net revenue and life time value of donors to be able to spend more on the purpose of the charity now and into the future.
You have no idea what …

Things to Know Before You Tackle Your Next (Fundraising) Writing Project

By Anne Melanson • February 19, 2015

Sometimes it seems like good writing has become one of the lost arts of the fundraising practice.
Email and social media may be to blame, or too many demands on our time, or our computer is too slow, or our feet hurt. It matters not. Pulling a magical piece of writing …

The Ghosts of Christmas Past are a Fundraiser’s Best Friends

By Mark Phillips • December 15, 2014

Christmas is the time when fundraisers get excited about the sound of a man or woman trudging through the snow struggling under the weight of a sack full of gifts. Only for us, it’s the post delivery that gets our hearts beating a little faster. Not the thought of Santa …

Dear events. Meet direct marketing.

By Jonathon Grapsas • March 27, 2014

I’m an unabashed direct marketer. Turned fundraiser. Or if we’re being pedantic, direct response fundraiser.
I live and die by results. It’s why (I think) our clients like working with us. No fluff, no window dressing. Just out and out obsession with producing great results.
Facetiously, it’s in part why I never …

Bring back the indispensable guard book

By Ken Burnett • September 16, 2013

The one thing we didn’t guard well was the treasured book itself.
There’s a lot that I recall with affection from my first fundraising job. But one thing I remember particularly fondly – the good old guard book. And not just because its content was so valuable. I loved its name, …

30 Letters That Changed the World

By Rebecca Davies • July 29, 2013

I think that if I was writing fiction instead of remembering something that happened, I would never have given her that dress. – Alice Munro, “Voices”
We’re in the high holy days of Ontariocottaging right now and that means a book review. My selection this year:30 Letters that Changed the World: …

Digital is the ‘New Normal’, so why is digital fundraising still so rubbish?

By Rachel Beer • May 30, 2013

I was on a conference call with someone the other day and they mentioned, “Surfing the web”, and then, immediately, almost embarrassed, added, “who says that anymore?!”
It’s true, no one says that anymore.  We’re online and using digital media so much now we don’t really even call it anything.  It’s …

Is direct mail finally dead?

By Ken Burnett • March 7, 2013

And is this the right question?
Of course we should question everything and assume nothing. But the questions fundraisers ask at times miss the point, sometimes by several miles. Like the perennial, ‘how long should a letter be?’, we will often find the answer to our most fundamental questions  just by …