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How’s your persecution complex? Mine’s doing fine, thanks.

By Sarah Clifton • May 10, 2018

Sarah Clifton

I’m lucky enough to work in an organisation (and a management team) where fundraising is seen as an essential aspect of our daily work and our shared responsibility as leaders – to serve more children and do more good. But when I made the step from ‘fundraiser’ to ‘management,’ I …

How to nurture happy fundraisers

By Sarah Clifton • June 22, 2015

We have a unique profession, and one that very few of us plan to choose when we begin our careers. Many of us stumble on to a job as fundraisers, fall in love, and never look back. And because we are not only doing what we’re passionate about, but also …

What you must know (and a few things you probably don’t) as an international fundraiser

By Sarah Clifton • February 17, 2014

Philanthropy as we have known it is changing. And while donors continue to focus their time and money on the causes to which they have the most personal connection, our understanding of ‘community’ has evolved so fundamentally in the wake of globalisation that one may have just as much tangible …

The hype over ‘donor journeys’

By Sarah Clifton • August 29, 2013

‘Donor (or supporter) journeys’ is all the buzz in the nonprofit world, with prominent thinkers peddling the virtues of mapping out the donor experience. But as a fundraiser actually working on the front-line of income generation in a difficult financial climate, I’d like to add a critical voice to the …

A DIY workshop for lead conversion: Do try this at home!

By Sarah Clifton • May 16, 2013

In February I met with fundraisers in Amsterdam to brainstorm how we could engage our various supporter relationships (‘leads’ or prospects) to move them to become donors to our organizations.
And while I suspect that most came to the session “Turning Likes into Cash” to hear the closely held secret to …

The last word

By Sarah Clifton • December 17, 2012

This is the very last 101fundraising blog post of 2012 and incidentally also our 200th. It therefore seems doubly appropriate to round out the year with a retrospective look at the year (almost) gone by.
For me personally and professionally 2012 has been – more than any year yet – one …

Live from IFC!

By Sarah Clifton • October 18, 2012

This year a number of 101fundraising crowdbloggers are in attendance at IFC, and at this hour we are precisely halfway through the conference. Some of us have given workshops and the rest of us have followed them. We’ve laughed at the good humor of some of the excellent presenters, cried …

A checklist for your acquisition program

By Sarah Clifton • August 20, 2012

Last week Reinier wrote about a really important topic – planning for the future of your acquisition program. I’d like to expand on his post by sharing an additional tool, and offering a simple checklist to use in your donor recruitment planning.
In the last blog you read about the Hype …

7 tips for welcoming new donors

By Sarah Clifton • May 31, 2012

If your organisation has no difficulty finding and keeping new donors, you are either a very lucky or extremely talented fundraiser, and either way one of few. For the rest of us, it seems a constant challenge to find new and better ways to attract high-quality recruits.
So here’s a few …

Read this only if you want to change the world!

By Sarah Clifton • February 9, 2012

When Reinier called for someone to write a last-minute blog yesterday, I had coincidentally just purchased a book on social marketing. I have been interested in the subject for some time, but the discussion on the recent 101fundraising blog about donor centered fundraising and public perception really made me think …

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