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There is no ‘average conversion rate’

By Beate Sorum • September 28, 2017


A question that I get asked all the time is, “What is the average conversion rate on a non-profit website?”.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve had this discussion. And my view is always the same — there is no such thing! I get it, the wish for a …

How to DIY a digital strategy that actually works

By Beate Sorum • April 18, 2016

Wouldn’t you like to relax and have a digital strategy that works, rather than chase the latest new social media channel and always wonder if you’re spending your time in the wrong place?
You can have that! Luckily, there’s a really simple framework for getting some zen and peace of mind. …

Why so many organisations fail at Facebook

By Beate Sorum • March 2, 2015

If you find Facebook is not really working for your organisation, I am willing to bet that it is not Facebook’s fault – it’s yours. Too many take too lightly on their social media work – and get the results to match it. No such thing as a free lunch …

You can never make a #nomakeupselfie or a cold water challenge-trend. But you CAN be ready for it.

By Beate Sorum • June 23, 2014

It’s the dream of any fundraiser: something just magically raises millions in a few days. Like Nomakeupselfie in the UK, and the cold water challenge that suddenly swept Norway. Literally millions suddenly flowed to unsuspecting charities. The power in these things are that they are sudden, unplanned and that the …

Double your digital fundraising – by fixing donation forms

By Beate Sorum • January 27, 2014

If I told you that you could double your digital fundraising quite easily, wouldn’t be stupid of you not to? I think everyone would agree. Yet the sorry state of affairs is this- donation forms suck, and people are not fixing them.
There is this stubborn belief in fundraising, that if …

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