Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q3 2016)

By 101fundraising
On October 3, 2016 At 2:00 pm

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And that was the third quarter already. You know what that means, right? The IFC is almost starting! Will we see you there?

Congrats to Charlie with the #1 position this quarter. But there are more beauties in this list. In fact, they are all awesome!

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(1) What are the Two Most Dangerous Assumptions in Fundraising? – Charlie Hulme
(2) What is fundraising success? – Richard Turner
(3) How Far Do I Want To Go With You? – The Whiny Donor
(4) Why are we fundraising and how can we do it better? – Charlie Hulme
(5) Reset, revive, refresh – Breathing new life into F2F – David Cravinho
(6) “Because it works” is not a good enough answer. Here’s why. – Matthew Sherrington
(7) You sent me a mail pack. A mail pack… I never get those. – Rachel Beer
(8) Why tests do not work for email fundraising – Mandy Johnson
(9) Here be dragons – Richard Turner
(10) HELP NEEDED: Jailed in Dubai for Helping Children – Ken Burnett

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