IFC – International Fundraising Congress

ifc2016101fundraising is proud to be the official blog partner of the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) organised by the Resource Alliance.

The IFC is the world’s leading conference on fundraising. Established in 1981, it attracts around 1,000 participants from almost 60 countries, and is renowned for its outstanding learning and networking opportunities. The IFC is the world’s showcase for excellence, innovation and inspiration in fundraising.

Check out the IFC website for the full program and to register. See you in The Netherlands?

Check out our IFC archive:

2016 – Richard Turner, … (coming soon)

2015 – Lucy Gower, Richard Radcliffe, Charlie Hulme, Angela Cluff, Daryl Upsall, Alan Clayton, Bernard Ross, Rory Green, Rob Woods and Tony Elischer!

2014 – Charlie Hulme, Daryl Upsall, Tobin Aldrich, Giles Pegram, Vera Peerdeman, Derek Humphries, Richard Radcliffe, Simon Scriver, Francesco Ambrogetti, Roger Craver, Tony Elischer, Lucy Gower

2013Paul Vanags, Nigel Harris, Gavin Coopey, Francesco Ambrogetti, Vera Peerdeman, Alan Clayton, Emma Jhita and Tony Elischer!

2012 – Bernard Ross, Derek Humphries, Chris Carnie, David Cravinho, Maia Kahlke-Mikkelsen, Lucy Gower