Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q1 2013)

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And the first quarter of 2013 is already finished! That went fast! Did you get the Q1 results you wanted? Did you prepare for the rest of the year? More importantly, did you read the best blog posts 2013 has to offer, so far?

Congratulations to Margaux with her excellent #1 post!

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(1) 7 things that will make you a better fundraiser – Margaux Smith
(2) The Big Chill: can we cure donor’s emotional breakdown? – Francesco Ambrogetti
(3) Fundraise Scared – Rebecca Davies
(4) A reminder about making rice and similar fundamentals – Ken Burnett
(5) This blog is a bit of a rant – Lucy Gower
(6) 3 storytelling lessons – Usha Menon
(7) Plot Your Course for 2013 Leadership and Major Gift Success – Karen Osborne
(8) Knock knock! Who’s there? Opportunity! – Reinier Spruit
(9) Dear Fundraiser: What, exactly, is Your “Product”? – Mitchell Hinz
(10) What are your new year’s resolutions? – Vera Peerdeman

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