Simply the best: Top 10 blog posts (Q4 2012)

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Before we’ll give you the top 10, we say a short word of thanks at the end of 2012!

Thank you READERS for your continuous and ever growing appetite for fundraising knowledge. Keep reading, learning and sharing. Fundraisers are change makers, so go forth and change the world!

Also, thank you BLOGGERS for sharing your wisdom! Without you there would be no crowdblog.

Last, but not least, thank you 101fundraising TEAM! You are all S-U-P-E-R volunteers!

The year 2012 was remarkable for 101fundraising and in our first post of 2013 we’ll look back in more detail. We’ll share some stats with you and we’ll publish the ranking of the best blog posts of the entire year.

So, happy holiday season for now and we’ll be back 7 January 2013!

(1)    Cry me a river: WHY and HOW emotions can save fundr… – Francesco Ambrogetti
(2)    2nd Annual Dutch Fundraising Growth Awards! – Reinier Spruit
(3)    Retention Song – Reinier Spruit
(4)    Charity Crowdfunding: what’s in it for you? – Vera Peerdeman
(5 e.a.)  Want To Raise More Money? Then Stop Asking For It! – Charlie Hulme
(5 e.a.)  The best tip of the whole IFC! – Gerbren Deves
(6)    I don’t need to change the world, I just want to change your …  – Margaux Smith
(7)    Can Thank You Notes be BAD? – Karen Osborne
(8)    BSC – the answer to the problem of integration – Bernard Ross
(9)    Time to wake up to e-F2F – David Cravinho
(10)    The ‘F’ word – Alison McCants

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