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Why listening to beneficiaries is more than a moral obligation

By Sarah Carter • October 19, 2018

listening to opinions

Before we get going, let me just dwell briefly on that word ‘beneficiaries’. I wish there was another word, as it carries all kinds of implications of old-fashioned charity. What word do you use to describe the people who benefit from the work you do? I’d love to hear your …

Tell me a story

By Alison McCants • June 16, 2011

I’ve seen countless blogs and articles about the importance of storytelling. The thing is, we know it’s important. People give to people. Giving is an emotional response to living in a world you want to change. A good story brings your cause to life.
But I see lots of fundraising asks …

Missie en passie

By Hanneke Warrink • April 4, 2011

Als ik terug denk aan de dag waarop mijn baan als fondsenwerver ook mijn passie en missie werd dan weet ik dat nog goed. Ik ging op mijn eerste dienstreis: India. Met privé voldoende vlieg- en verblijfsuren in het Verre Oosten op zak verheugde ik me op deze trip. De …