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Solidarity, Ubuntu & iPads: canvassing in South Africa

By Rebecca Davies • January 29, 2015

South Africa. A beautiful, complicated country that’s only recently emerged from a very difficult past. In terms of fundraising, it’s considered an emerging market.
From the story and webinar below, I hope fundraisers around the world find in canvassing inspiration and interpretation anew. Face-to-face: the political and intensely human acquisition channel.
1. …

The brilliant, quirky fundraising career of Professor Denny Young

By Rebecca Davies • December 5, 2014

Our 101fundraising community has lately been blogging and talking a lot about fundraising leadership: the emerging and the stale, the breathtaking and the reprehensible. I now want to pivot the conversation from managing up to managing out: how do the best in our profession manage their own careers? Did/do they …

The Call for Leaders

By Margaux Smith • November 6, 2014

I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership lately. Why’s that? Because, after four years of becoming pretty darn good at what I do, 2015 will bring with it the next big learning – in a few months, I’ll be getting my very first full-time direct report.
It may be surprising to …