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Apples and Pears: The Curse of the ROI Fundraising Ratio

By Matthew Sherrington • October 19, 2015

Some years ago, I had a charity Board insist that my fundraising programme should deliver a return on investment, or fundraising ratio, of 4:1; that is, not cost more than 25% of gross income. On the face of it, that would seem a reasonable goal, given the concern donors have …

Catching the Not-for-Profit Goldfish

By Chris Washington-Sare • February 9, 2015

It’s Sunday morning and I’m helping my 9 year-old son with his math homework. 60 sums, 10 seconds each, all in his head. By question 50 he gets frustrated as thoughts of Lego dominate. It’s like pulling teeth getting him to question 60. But I don’t blame him for this …

Do you notice when you are being nudged?

By Lucy Gower • January 16, 2015

Every year a collection of new or recycled buzzwords arrive on the fundraising circuit. Last year they were ‘behavioural economics’, ‘neuroscience’, ‘nudging’ and ‘decision science’. All the conference sessions with these words in the title were full; people crammed into these workshops like sardines to hear the about the latest …

4th Annual Fundraising Growth Analysis

By Reinier Spruit • December 10, 2014

Oops, I did it again. Like previous years I sliced and diced the Central Bureau of Fundraising (CBF) annual figures into some sort of growth analysis for the Dutch market.
Perhaps I should not repeat the methodology and disclaimer, because you’re probably not gonna read it anyway. Most of you scroll straight down to …

How Philanthropic are Fundraisers?

By Joe Matassino • November 26, 2014

“How can I ask others to give to a cause I believe in, if I do not give to it myself?” responded one fundraiser.
I give “to support the mission and to be a role model to other employees and donors…” responded another.
In Daryl Upsall’s ‘rant’ on 20 November, 2014 ‘Give …

Evidence and Ideas: The scientific approach to fundraising?

By Alan Clayton • November 3, 2014

There has been much online huffing and puffing recently about ‘evidence’ v ‘opinion.’
The scientific method in fundraising is misunderstood too often. On dozens of occasions I have found myself in debates at fundraising conferences about ‘data v creative’, ‘logic v intuition’ and most recently ‘evidence v opinion.’ More often than …

How big is your donor?

By Francesco Ambrogetti • July 8, 2014

Along with the World Cup (depending on the team, of course), we celebrate fund raising achievements. We look at results and trends from last year and partly with a sigh of relief and hope for this year: in 2013 in US charitable giving was at the same level it was …

How effective is your welcome program?

By Erik van Dorp • May 22, 2014

Many charities have a welcome program in place to keep more donors in, to make them feel welcome or to ask for more money. Whatever the reason you have your welcome flow, there is always room for improvement. So, here’s a simple 10 point checklist that will help you estimate …

Fundraising in the First World War: fighting the good fight

By Tony Charalambides • May 15, 2014

July will mark 100 years exactly since the beginning of the First World War – a battle that witnessed global carnage on a scale few could have imagined. Britain, for its part, lost just under a million young lives (over 2% of its population), and worldwide an estimated 16-65 million …

The BIG 5 in fundraising performance metrics

By Reinier Spruit • May 8, 2014

You might love it. You might hate it. But if you respect your donors and your work as a fundraiser you are likely to spend a few hours per week looking at reports. Those reports will tell you all sorts of things about the behavior of your donors, a.k.a. your …