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Major donors want to give more than NGOs expect

By Vera Peerdeman • November 23, 2015

Good news for major gift fundraisers: major donors feel (way) more engaged than NGOs think. Apart from giving money, major donors want to invest their time in, and share their network with, NGOs. Also, the group of (prospective) major donors is a lot larger than expected. These are some (of …

Can we expect an Airbnb or Uber in charity land?

By Vera Peerdeman • July 20, 2015

What will the charity landscape look like in 2035? That’s a question we ask ourselves a lot lately. Economic crises, changing consumer behavior and new forms of entrepreneurship force organizations to change. If you take a look at other sectors, you see (relatively) new initiatives like Airbnb or Uber create …

Why use the ‘WHY’ in 2015?

By Vera Peerdeman • January 19, 2015

Have you heard about the ‘why’? And why it’s so important to find the ‘why’ of your organization in order to raise more money? I guess you do. You’ve probably read about it in books, or heard about it during conferences. You’ve maybe even organized a workshop about it with …

Major donor conversations made easy

By Vera Peerdeman • August 29, 2014

Last year a philanthropist approached me. He told me about the philanthropist community he started. With this he wants to inspire people to give more, and to help them achieve maximum impact with their gifts. The community consists of app. 100 active philanthropists (and growing), and supports its members to …

Want your board to give? Find a member who acts like these grandmas.

By Vera Peerdeman • April 22, 2014

Convincing a board to give. It still is difficult in the Netherlands. Even when it comes to giving in times of a major gift campaign. Even when they know that giving as a board member will be inspirational, that it will set an example for prospective donors. Then why is …

Friendraising, what’s in it for you?

By Vera Peerdeman • October 8, 2013

“Everybody who donates to our organization is a friend to us. We make no difference in how we treat our donors.” It’s about a year ago when Eveline Aendekerk, executive director of dance4life, said this to me. At first I thought she shared this as her ‘vision on fundraising’ to …

Ever considered being a fundraising consultant?

By Vera Peerdeman • July 18, 2013

Our experience is that quite a lot of fundraisers at some point in their careers think about how it would be to transform from being an employed fundraiser to working as a fundraising consultant. But the gap between daydreaming and really taking the step and going into business for yourself …

Return on (fundraising) Talent

By Vera Peerdeman • April 15, 2013

Acquisition, retention and upgrading. Who hasn’t heard of these terms? These are top priority within the policy of each fundraiser, and as fundraisers we know: costs precede profits. Even if the size of our budget poses a challenge, the programmes for acquisition, retention and upgrading are the programmes we wish …

What are your new year’s resolutions?

By Vera Peerdeman • January 21, 2013

Last week Esta Magazine (a Dutch glossy) published an article on three ‘professions of the future’. And guess what? According to them ‘fundraiser’ is one of these professions. A journalist approached me (and my dog) for an interview on what it’s like being a fundraiser. Her questions made me think: …

Charity Crowdfunding: what’s in it for you?

By Vera Peerdeman • November 8, 2012

As a fundraiser you’ve probably heard it before: crowdfunding. Did you know that in 2011 almost $ 1.5 billion was raised through crowdfunding platforms worldwide? And the sky seems to be the limit with this fundraising technique.

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