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Make Poverty History Lesson: what can it teach us 10 years on?

By Tony Charalambides • March 19, 2015

You probably remember it much as I do: the white wristbands, the star-studded Live8 concert, the remarkable celebrity ‘finger click’ ads, Blair and Brown and the G8 summit engaged and involved. And all of it geared to one heartfelt plea: Make Poverty History.
In the campaign’s own words that meant: ‘trade …

There’s no such thing as new – and that’s a wonderful thing

By Tony Charalambides • August 4, 2014

Light Bulb by Adreine from The Noun Project
The hunt is always on for the next big thing in fundraising. The thirst for innovation, for that neat, new way to attract donors and supporters that no one has conjured before, is in so many ways the holy grail of fundraising today. …

Fundraising in the First World War: fighting the good fight

By Tony Charalambides • May 15, 2014

July will mark 100 years exactly since the beginning of the First World War – a battle that witnessed global carnage on a scale few could have imagined. Britain, for its part, lost just under a million young lives (over 2% of its population), and worldwide an estimated 16-65 million …

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