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Don’t let 1,835 Cats KILL Your Fundraising

By Rory Green • March 30, 2016

Every year, my favourite charity saves 1,835 cats in Vancouver.
But they don’t talk to me about that. They tell me about one cat at a time. Why? Because they understand what makes a great thank you letter…
The thank you letter is an often neglected piece of donor communication. It sits, …

Four Things from #IFC2015 That Will Help You be a Better Fundraiser

By Rory Green • October 29, 2015

The Resource Alliance’s International Fundraising Congress is hands down the best investment a fundraiser can make in their career and themselves. Every year, some of the best minds in fundraising gather in Noordwijk to elevate the sector. I had the privilege of attending this year and I came away with …

The Diversity Crisis: Do Nonprofits Need Quotas?

By Rory Green • October 6, 2015

Look at your board and your leadership team…
How many are men?
How many are over 50?
How many are white?
If the answer is: “most of them” – you are leaving money on the table. Lots of money.
What if I told you that you are missing out on fundraising revenue by …

Lessons in Corporate Giving from the Maple Syrup Mafia

By Rory Green • February 23, 2015

I live and work in Vancouver BC. It’s a short, two hour flight from San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. Vancouver is experiencing a tech boom right now. Start-ups are everywhere you turn – they have been dubbed the “Maple Syrup Mafia”. Many companies, like Hootsuite and Plenty of Fish, …

The Ghost of Christmas Future

By Rory Green • December 22, 2014

Think back to Christmas when you were a kid. What did that look like? How did you celebrate?
How much of your Christmas shopping was done online?
How many relatives did you Skype with on Christmas morning?
How many friends send you Holiday wishes on Facebook or Twitter?
How many Christmas dinners were instagramed?
How …

My Top 5 Takeaways From the International Fundraising Congress

By Rory Green • October 23, 2014

This year in Holland, fundraisers from around the world gathered to learn, connect, share and grow at the International Fundraising Conference (IFC).
It was my first time at IFC.  After years of hearing how it was the best fundraising conference in the world, I had pretty high expectations. I can honestly …

Who Would You Rather Ask for a Gift: a Woman or a Man?

By Rory Green • September 11, 2014

It started for me with direct mail.
See, today, my clients do not segment for gender. They send the very same appeal letter to men and women.
But, you have to wonder, could we attract maybe even more giving if our appeals were somehow “gender specific”?
What’s the science on that? Do men …

To CFRE or not to CFRE – that is the question

By Rory Green • August 11, 2014

The CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive) is a professional certification for fundraisers, which is quite well known in North America. To qualify to write the CFRE exam – professional fundraisers must have a minimum of five years’ experience (among other requirements).
Over the last six months, an internal debate has been …

ASKphobia: How to Overcome Ask Aversion

By Rory Green • May 26, 2014

What is your biggest fear?
I’ve often heard that more people are afraid of public speaking than of death. In the non-profit world, I think more fundraisers are afraid of asking for money than the death of their organization.
I work in major gifts. I ask people of means to invest large …

Not relationships VS results – relationships FOR results

By Rory Green • April 9, 2014

Why do we fundraise? Is it all about the money? Is it all about the donor? Is it all about the mission?
That’s a tough question – and there isn’t an easy answer.
Every single staff person of your nonprofit serves the mission. As a fundraiser, I serve the mission by raising …

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