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I am bored to death. Are you dying to be different?

By Richard Radcliffe • May 15, 2017

Is this a tasteless headline or attention grabbing?  Does it matter if it’s tasteless?
Let’s get legacy giving noticed
How many legacy campaigns are noticed? In focus groups it is truly frightening to discover that most legacy articles, posters, leaflets and even bookmarks go unnoticed.
There are two reasons for this message …

What a strange weekend – all based on ignorance

By Richard Radcliffe • June 27, 2016

It is 10pm on Saturday evening. For the last six hours I have been celebrating a 50th birthday in our village. I am not sure how I am typing this.
Yesterday I went to visit one of my brothers – he has very recently survived mouth cancer. We had a great …

Bring back the joy of giving – it’s time to make donors smile

By Richard Radcliffe • March 3, 2016

Stop for a moment. Forget any fundraising crisis.
This might be hard considering recent blogs which have included headlines such as: “When fundraising hurts” “Relationship fundraising: It’s complicated”  “Have we reached boiling point?” “The price we pay for losing sight of the donor”   Headlines to do your head in.
Fundraising is under …

Trust, Confidence and Impact

By Richard Radcliffe • December 10, 2015

Please turn yourself into your Grandmother. This might be hard if she is no longer with us. I only met one of my Grandmothers and she was run over and killed by a Rolls Royce in 1960. At least she went with style. Goodness, imagine being run over by an …

Where is legacy fundraising going?

By Richard Radcliffe • July 23, 2015

108 people die every minute
That means during the IFC (if it is a typical three days) that 466,560 people will die. I hope I am not one of them. I also hope you are not one of them either – it would be good to debate this subject with you!
I …

Trustees/Board Members: Best friends or worst enemies?

By Richard Radcliffe • February 12, 2015

Those responsible for the governance of non-profits are often our worst enemies when they could be our best friends.  (I am referring to volunteer leaders)
Let me quote a poem from a great British poet – Roger Mc Gough. It is a short poem:
I wanna be the leader
I wanna be the …

Major donors and asking for a legacy: ‘It’s worth a go’ Or ‘It’s not worth the risk’

By Richard Radcliffe • October 2, 2014

Definition of WORTH
(with apologies to the Oxford English Dictionary for a few VERY minor changes – but only in the example sentences)
1: equivalent in value to the sum or item specified.
“A donation worth over €10,000 is defined as a major donation”
having income or property amounting to a specified sum.
“WOW …

What’s it like to be old? (By Richard Radcliffe, aged 60)

By Richard Radcliffe • June 10, 2014

When I say I am 60 (only just) I wonder what your reaction is? He bloody looks it? He should retire? Richard you still have one third of your life ahead do not stop now! Poor guy? Or, go for it Richard the best part of your life has only …

Are communications departments the enemy of fundraisers?

By Richard Radcliffe • January 13, 2014

Call me stupid, dear friends, call me stupid but I despair of some big charities. I am about to call communication departments of some large charities stupid and I think for very good reasons. PLEASE let me know if I am wrong. Tweet your views to your heart’s content: be …

Long term suicide?

By Richard Radcliffe • November 25, 2013

Having celebrated over 30 years in fundraising (which probably qualifies me to be a really boring old fart) I find myself wondering whether anything has really changed in fundraising apart from social media – which I enjoy more and more every day.
In my opinion, which maybe increasingly cynical as I …

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