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Open Source Fundraising

By Rebecca Davies • December 19, 2016

2016 is ending not completely without marvel for me. Two great things happened last week. First, on December 16, the family of Canadian philanthropists Larry and Judy Tanenbaum donated $20 million to create the Tanenbaum Open Institute at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. Inspired by open science, these donors …

#HappyBirthdayYourMajesty #Orlando

By Rebecca Davies • June 15, 2016

On Sunday, Katharine (comms manager) and I represented Save the Children Canada at the Patron’s Lunch. The largest-ever street party on The Mall, The Royal Family made philanthropy and patronage a centrepiece of The Queen’s 90th birthday festivities.
It’s nearly always the fundraisers who throw the party, but at the Patron’s …

Rebecca’s First 47 Days

By Rebecca Davies • March 24, 2016

This Monday, March 28, I’m reporting to work in my new role as Chief Development Officer for Save the Children Canada.
It’s been more than a year since I left my last full-time staff position. Since then, I’ve been consulting and taking interim roles in order to find the perfect fit. …

When Fundraising Hurts: Vicarious Trauma, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue

By Rebecca Davies • February 5, 2016

You mean there’s a name for this? Said by me, exactly one year ago.
I’d just guest-lectured at Humber College on the topic of crisis communications in war zones and natural disasters. The professor, Ken Wyman, took me aside after my presentation and said I seemed a bit raw, that my …

How we Raised the $ to Sponsor a Large Refugee Family from Syria

By Rebecca Davies • November 6, 2015

We’re The Ripple Refugee Project, a group of private citizens in Toronto who’ve come together because we want to help refugee families start new lives in Canada.And under Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program, that first means fundraising.
Of course, fundraising is only one part of the resettlement process; there are …

Peer-to-peer: fundraising without borders

By Rebecca Davies • May 14, 2015

With a young family, my wife and I decided we couldn’t support Ebola in the field by me going to West Africa, so she suggested we embrace the Walk Without Borders campaign instead! We fundraised with all the intensity of working in the field. It became an obsession to do …

Solidarity, Ubuntu & iPads: canvassing in South Africa

By Rebecca Davies • January 29, 2015

South Africa. A beautiful, complicated country that’s only recently emerged from a very difficult past. In terms of fundraising, it’s considered an emerging market.
From the story and webinar below, I hope fundraisers around the world find in canvassing inspiration and interpretation anew. Face-to-face: the political and intensely human acquisition channel.
1. …

The brilliant, quirky fundraising career of Professor Denny Young

By Rebecca Davies • December 5, 2014

Our 101fundraising community has lately been blogging and talking a lot about fundraising leadership: the emerging and the stale, the breathtaking and the reprehensible. I now want to pivot the conversation from managing up to managing out: how do the best in our profession manage their own careers? Did/do they …

Strong fundraisers, weak bosses?

By Rebecca Davies • October 20, 2014

The best leaders I’ve had in my career have been surgeons, academics, arts administrators, software sales executives, and humanitarians. Most have been brilliant.
The fundraisers, by and large, have not.
Now, this could just be bad luck, and I have had a few exceptions to this, and know colleagues who’ve only had …

A Woman’s Place is in Second

By Rebecca Davies • July 25, 2014

2nd t medal

For you, Margaux, a story of donor motivation that’s been in my head and heart, and charmed me for years. I offer it now to you as we, like this donor, scratch towards some kind of gender symmetry.

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