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Meet the donors: Some ‘who’d-have-thought-it?’ insights from listening to a few real supporters

By Ken Burnett • July 14, 2017

At the UK Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention last week, I found myself chairing a big-room session called “Meet the Donors”. Tasked to address a massive subject – what do donors really think about fundraisers and how they ply their trade? – the five brave donors on our panel were obliged …

‘Opt in’ will be bad for donors and very bad for the causes they support

By Ken Burnett • April 6, 2017

It should be resisted, vigorously and comprehensively. Here’s why.
I’m no enthusiast for small print or screeds of regulations. Put the two together and I quickly lose the will to live. So, my response to the UK Information Commissioner’s recent request for consultation on its latest round of draft regulations is …

Should charities invest in fundraising rather than in stocks, shares and bonds? Or is this really the wrong question?

By Ken Burnett • February 13, 2017

A better thought-through approach to investment could be hugely beneficial for both donors and charities. Arguably it’s their blinkered, inconsistent and confused approach to fundraising investment that has got charities and fundraising into their current pickle.
That one has to speculate to accumulate is, of course, simple economics. Charities need to …

Changing fundraising. For good.

By Ken Burnett • November 24, 2016

Much has changed since the Commission on the Donor Experience was initiated in mid 2015. Early in the process Giles Pegram and Ken Burnett each set themselves the task of listing 10 things they’d most like to see change. Now, as completed projects (the CDE has 30+ of them, see …

HELP NEEDED: Jailed in Dubai for Helping Children

By Ken Burnett • August 25, 2016

Urgent help needed to persuade UK Prime Minister Theresa May to intervene on behalf of British-Australian fundraiser held in Dubai. Please sign our petition.
Fundraising for worthy causes should never be a crime.
Scott Richards, a British-Australian volunteer fundraiser has been charged by Dubai authorities for “fundraising without permission”. His crime? Sharing …

The acceptable face of fundraising targets

By Ken Burnett • May 26, 2016

If the donor experience, not fundraising targets, should be at the heart of future fundraising strategies, how will our organisations achieve what they need?
Some years ago I squirreled away a cryptic comment from a guy called Toby Bourke, former head of donor acquisition at Greenpeace International and director of fundraising …

Where now for fundraising?

By Ken Burnett • October 1, 2015

When fundraising is seen as a public enemy, for sure it’s time to change.
To coincide with last Wednesday’s launch of the Etherington Review* the BBC published a poll revealing that 52 per cent of donors who give regularly to charity by standing order or direct debit feel ‘pressurised’ by fundraisers …

In praise of the transformational fundraising entrepreneur

By Ken Burnett • April 23, 2015

Why we should all adopt the retiring Giles Pegram CBE* as our role model.
The police officer was puzzled. The women driver appeared to be quite annoyed about the fact that he’d pulled her over. Yet there were three children in the back of the car, and none was wearing a …

Even for a charity there’s no such thing as a free lunch

By Ken Burnett • July 17, 2014

At least, not without some reciprocity.
I love people who do pro bono work. They offer their skills free of charge for something they believe in. They will inherit the earth.
My younger son Charlie, who’s just completed his training as a human rights lawyer, used to work pro bono on Fridays …

A debt to the master

By Ken Burnett • April 28, 2014

How ‘the pope of advertising’ helped lay the foundations of my professional life.
by Ken Burnett
When the advertising and communications agency that I founded in 1982 opened its doors for business, its proprietor 
– me – would most likely be found sitting on the front doorstep of the terraced Victorian house …

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