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Fundraising’s biggest smokescreen

By Jonathon Grapsas • April 12, 2016

Warning: this post may offend some readers.
When was the last time you read a blog that waxed lyrical about retention and how if you really look after your donors it’ll be the equivalent of fundraising and donor nirvana?
Probably earlier today.
How often in the last 12 months has your board and …

Same, same. But different.

By Jonathon Grapsas • July 2, 2015

I’m likely preaching to the converted here. A group of fundraisers reading an international fundraising blog may not feel there are seismic shifts in the way people behave in different countries.
And they’d be right for the most part.
I started my fundraising career in the UK. Spent chunks of time back …

The power of ‘no’

By Jonathon Grapsas • September 22, 2014

To fundraisers, hearing the word ‘no’ can be a little jarring. Sometimes even a little awkward.
As a direct marketer, it’s never bothered me so much. In many ways, crassly it’s a numbers game. For me, ‘no’ simply means, “there’s nothing to see here”.
And on I move. Looking for more and …

Dear events. Meet direct marketing.

By Jonathon Grapsas • March 27, 2014

I’m an unabashed direct marketer. Turned fundraiser. Or if we’re being pedantic, direct response fundraiser.
I live and die by results. It’s why (I think) our clients like working with us. No fluff, no window dressing. Just out and out obsession with producing great results.
Facetiously, it’s in part why I never …

Being beneficiary focused

By Jonathon Grapsas • August 5, 2013

A lot of people in our sector wax lyrical about being donor focused/donor centred/<insert some other supporter centric jargon>.
Don’t get me wrong. For many, or even a lot of you, your supporters are literally the lifeblood of your organisation. They keep your doors open, the lights on, mouths fed.
I …

The power of video storytelling

By Jonathon Grapsas • March 21, 2013

We all love watching a good video clip. In the last couple of years we’ve been captivated by the likes of charity:water, Kony, and now the zillion versions of the Harlem Shake.
Lots of views, tonnes of excitement, all bringing something a little unique.
Video presents both an opportunity and a threat …

Think face-to-face: think mobile

By Jonathon Grapsas • September 3, 2012

It really does make sense when you think about it. Using mobile as the key device to keep in touch with donors recruited on the street.
Think about it.
The average age of F2F recruits around the world is usually late 20’s, early to mid 30’s.
Almost 60% of Aussies own a smartphone, …

Getting digital really working

By Jonathon Grapsas • April 10, 2012

So what does a solid, well performing digital fundraising program look like?
It’s the question I’m often asked, and am going to share, as best I can in a little under 1,300 words.
Dispelling the myths
One of the most frustrating things about the digital world is that it is full of illusion, …

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