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The problem with money

By Francesco Ambrogetti • July 19, 2018

Wall Street

I think it is quite ironic that most nonprofits and fundraisers have so much trouble with money. The ways we consider the money we raise and the money we spend are still measured and defined by the old-fashioned rules of charitable activities. Charitable money is a gift, it is free; …

From Rome, with love

By Francesco Ambrogetti • October 27, 2016

When you are going back to your own country after twenty years abroad, it’s like you have never been there. You have to re-learn many rules, customs and social norms. You have to reconnect with a past that is already future.
I thought having raised funds in so many markets and …

A few words about Ebola and you

By Francesco Ambrogetti • October 27, 2014

By Francesco Ambrogetti and Derek Humphries
‘Ebola’ and ‘you’.
These are probably not words you want to think about. Not in such close proximity. Not words any of us want to see so close to each other.
Whether you are on the New York subway, in downtown Madrid, or an urban slum in …

Is it me you’re looking for? The sad extinction of the donor sapiens

By Francesco Ambrogetti • October 8, 2014

“Oh no, no another post on retention”  I can hear you crying…
Is it  not something out of the Middle age of fundraising? Is it not really common sense?
A prompt acknowledgment and thank for the donation, a regular update on what the donation has helped to achieve (and don’t forget to …

How big is your donor?

By Francesco Ambrogetti • July 8, 2014

Along with the World Cup (depending on the team, of course), we celebrate fund raising achievements. We look at results and trends from last year and partly with a sigh of relief and hope for this year: in 2013 in US charitable giving was at the same level it was …

Good donors, bad donors

By Francesco Ambrogetti • March 13, 2014

In a series of though provoking articles, the New York Times asked prominent philanthropists and scholars to discuss the status of contemporary giving and charities. Peter Buffet (son of Warren Buffet and Chairman of NoVo foundation) argued against the “conscience laundering” (in his own words “feeling better about accumulating more …

The pursuit of happiness (or how to not kill a donor)

By Francesco Ambrogetti • October 7, 2013

There are statistics and numbers that stay on your mind for months and constantly challenge your assumptions. One of the numbers that keeps me awake at night (seriously!) is the ratio 6 vs. 59. Yes, you know, or you should know, this is the % of customer attrition in the …

In the realm of fundraising senses – 1 Touch me right here!

By Francesco Ambrogetti • June 24, 2013

Recently I had the fortune to work with Dan Hill one of the worldwide gurus on emotions applied to marketing. Dan advises the top Fortune 500 companies and political candidates on how to effectively advertise and succeed using emotions. What surprised me talking to Dan is how advanced commercial marketing …

The Big Chill: can we cure donor’s emotional breakdown?

By Francesco Ambrogetti • February 4, 2013

We had all hoped it would go better with time and we tried to ignore it. But the disease is still here, how is it possible?  Is it me or is everyone experiencing the same? Everybody is tweeting and blogging about this virus eating away our income and infecting our …

Cry me a river: WHY and HOW emotions can save fundraising and the non profit world

By Francesco Ambrogetti • November 5, 2012

When was the last time you had a discussion with your board or with communication colleagues because they felt that the images of the last campaign were “too emotional”? And do you remember when you tried to control your heart beat, your sweat or your tears in front of a …

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