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IFC 2018 – The End of Fundraising as we know it

By Ellen Janssens • November 15, 2018

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It’s been a month since the IFC 2018 has ended. The danger is always to return to ‘business as usual’. However, more than ever this year indicated the start of a new era. Fundraising will have to change fundamentally. New technologies like blockchain introduce new ways of giving, and new …

5 Big Fundraising Trends — Are You Prepared?

By Ellen Janssens • February 2, 2017

The pace of change in our sector has never been greater. Social and technological trends bring new opportunities and threats. What are these trends and how can we, as non-profit and fundraising organisations, adapt to the continuously and ever more quickly changing reality?
New technological opportunities are arriving at an increasing …

Leadership in Fundraising Innovation

By Ellen Janssens • September 26, 2016

For more than a decade there have been no radical changes to our fundraising strategies and techniques. Recent developments, in and outside our sector, will force us to develop new ways to engage with our supporters and innovations that go beyond the fundraising departments.
Next to the impact of regulatory changes …

Event & Community Fundraising

By Ellen Janssens • November 21, 2011

Over the last years, fundraising events have become more and more important. Events like the Dutch Alpe d’Huzes (20M in 2011) and Roparun (4,9M), and the UK Cancer Research’s Race for Life (raising over £362 million since 1994) clearly indicate the potential of person-to-person fundraising. Our most dedicated supporters are …

IFC 2011 – Thinking differently!

By Ellen Janssens • October 31, 2011

This year, my visit to the IFC focused on the fundraising innovations. It’s quite clear that these innovative fundraising projects require a new way of working and thinking. Compared to the more ‘traditional’ techniques (like DM and TM) they often face us with less guaranteed ROIs. With projects requiring a marketing approach …

Sociale media – interessant voor fondsenwervers?

By Ellen Janssens • March 14, 2011

Social media is hot momenteel. Het volgen van alle blogs, opleidingen en workshops hierover zou meer dan een dagtaak zijn. Elk zichzelf respecterend marketing- of communicatie-congres heeft het op de agenda staan. Tegelijkertijd neemt ook het aantal kritische geluiden toe. Is het wel zo rendabel? Levert het wel iets op? …

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