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Fundraising in the Middle East: How, Why and What

By Chris Carnie • September 6, 2016

What image do you have of the Middle East? Watch the television or read the news and you are likely to see bombs and bullets, injured children and the shifting sands of multiple war zones.
But there is another place in the sophisticated cities of the Middle East where a well-educated, …

Where are you, fundraiser?

By Chris Carnie • June 30, 2016

Look at a painting by van Gogh and you see beauty. Look at it another way and you see confusion. Yet another, and you see pain, suffering.
That was how it was last month in Vincent’s home country, the Netherlands. I was there for the European Foundation Centre’s Annual Conference in Amsterdam’s …

Due Diligence and Major Donors

By Chris Carnie • October 4, 2012

The Colonel and the College
On 23rd June 2009 the governing Council of the London School of Economics (LSE)  agreed to accept a gift from a group of companies in Libya channelled via the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation, controlled by Saif Gaddafi, son of Colonel Gaddafi the country’s ruler. …

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