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Why fundraising is so hard, and how ‘why’ can make it easier

By Charlie Hulme • April 18, 2017

Olive mailings

May 2015 was a watershed month for our sector. The tragic death of Olive Cooke, and the subsequent media mauling, forced us (or at least some of us) to re-examine our “best” practise.
In the midst of the chaos, conscientious fundraisers gathered to try and make sense of what was …

How to fix face-to-face fundraising

By Charlie Hulme • February 6, 2017


This graph shows face-to-face attrition, in the first three months, for an enormous UK charity.
It’s more than likely a very familiar, and frustrating, image for you.
In fact, it’s so familiar that a recent and extensive research project on face-to-face fundraising was unable to find a single charity that had significantly …

Make fundraising great again!

By Charlie Hulme • November 29, 2016

I’d be shocked if there were any, or many, Trump supporters among this community of fundraising hipsters. But how many otherwise great people inadvertently emulate him as fundraising practitioners?
What do I mean? Well, if I (as ‘the Donald’ is wont to do) let fly a barrage of sweeping generalisations about …

Why are we fundraising and how can we do it better?

By Charlie Hulme • September 19, 2016

Another year, another IFC. Another round of presentations ranging from the transformative (none more so than this masterclass, ‘Reinventing the Donor Experience’ by Kevin Schulman and Adrian Sargeant) to the tawdry (tempting but unfair to name but, like any conference, always plenty of choice).
And of course another jaunty slogan. So …

What are the Two Most Dangerous Assumptions in Fundraising?

By Charlie Hulme • July 11, 2016

Thinking the reasons why people give doesn’t matter       
Thinking we know why people give

Assumption #1 is beyond redemption (you can’t fix stupid!) Thankfully although it still pervades a few of the bigger, aggressive, fundraising departments, it’s largely on its way out.
But the second is even more presumptuous. Its heart’s in …

How answering ‘Why’ and ‘What’ could change your fundraising

By Charlie Hulme • May 12, 2016

a.k.a. how much money would you raise if you knew anything meaningful about ‘your’ donors?
Do you recognize her?
She’s been on your house file for three and a half years now. Each month she gives you the £3 you originally asked her for. She’s comfortably off, supports many other causes and …

The data that re-defines ‘good’ fundraising

By Charlie Hulme • February 22, 2016

Do you know who your best new donors are? Do you know who your best fundraisers are?
My guess is, if you’re honest with yourself, your answer to the first question is no, but to the second it’s yes (am I right?)
This new data changes everything!
For the first time ever it’s …

Why nothing works, why it won’t and how it will (or at least could…)

By Charlie Hulme • December 14, 2015

Put your hand on your heart. This time last year did you honestly think fundraising was doing well? If your answer is ‘yes’ stop reading. Come back in the 5-10 years it’ll take you to become a late adapter.
One year ago today the sector was in a terrible mess. The …

We’ve learned from our mistakes and can repeat them exactly

By Charlie Hulme • September 28, 2015

Preview of a NEW IFC SESSION, led by you…
Nothing better sums up our sector than a line from a sketch by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore:
Dud: Would you say you’ve learned from your mistakes?
Pete: Oh certainly, certainly. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I am sure I can repeat …

How we destroyed our most important asset – and how we’ll mend it

By Charlie Hulme • August 13, 2015

Preview for IFC session by Charlie Hulme and Ken Burnett ‘How to make relationship fundraising work for you and your donors’
One of the biggest mistakes many in our sector are making in response to the media crisis is to blame the enemy. They forget this whole mess is the result …

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