Adventures in innovation – The power of four

In my last 101fundraising crowdblog I talked about the difference between innovation and creativity, incremental and radical innovation, and dispelled the myth that innovation is about a lone genius. Innovation is more likely to be a combination of a slow hunch with a series of previously unconnected connections rather than a single ‘light bulb’ moment.

Your challenge now is how you DO innovation. How do you have more connections, combine them in new ways and actually turn them into successful fundraising, not just once but as part of a continuous cycle. How do you turn ‘innovation’ into business as usual? How do you turn innovation into simply ‘how we do things round here’? (more…)

Adventures in innovation – The Prequel

Fundraising is tough. ‘More for less’ has practically become a daily mantra for both donors and charities. Great causes are clamoring in an increasingly crowded marketplace for a finite piece of the fundraising income pie. Innovation is heralded as the latest buzzword to provide salvation and solutions. ‘We must be more innovative’ is the answer to how to deliver ‘more for less‘.

Trouble is, not many people seem to know what innovation means, least of all how to ‘do’ it. Innovation and its mate creativity are two terms that, in my opinion are somewhat overused. So before we adventure in innovation lets be clear what we mean. (more…)