The next (r)evolution in fundraising

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The next (r)evolution in fundraising

Dear Fundraisers and Changemakers,

We are so pleased to announce the next (r)evolution of the 101fundraising site!

We are hopeful that you will be quite happy with the new design and user interface, as we developed it after extensive research among the 101fundraising Community.

More importantly, we think you will be excited that the site offers greater possibilities for exploring the many new and emerging ways the social impact and civil society community are resourcing their vitally important work.

As you will see, we have swung open the doors to further explore the many new tools and tactics available to fundraisers.

New ways to capitalize on digital and social media tools

Together we will learn new ways to capitalize on digital and social media tools — including how to use the fundraising tools that are being built into social networks like Facebook and Twitter to create 10X success for your organisation, and ways to create global events and conferences without ever having to pay for a hotel or airfare.

We will learn how to create user experiences that help build loyalty to our causes and organisations.

New ways to work together

Together we will investigate new ways to work, as foundations begin to redesign their operating models to include venture-style funding, and co-creation/co-design of social impact projects and programs.

As corporates rebuild their business models to integrate social good into the very core of their missions, and social enterprises bring new models of change into the nonprofit sector.

We will streamline how we work around our offices, communities and the globe, so we bring ever-more efficiency as we increase our effectiveness.

New ways of thinking

Together we will discover new ways of thinking by shattering silos within our organisations so that fundraising is seen as part of an integral whole, rather than a separate function.

We will leave behind the conventional sales-models that have lead us to a transactional framework and play a critical role in building grassroots social movements and community-level activism — so funding is seen as nothing more (or less) than a critical element of a shared commitment to a cause between our organisations and our community of activists.

We will explore how to build and leverage the power of social movements by asking, “How can we appeal to a modern community of millennials and gen-X-ers around the world, who are operating from the grassroots up?”

We will lead the way to new models of leadership, by asking, “Who are the unconventional innovators and changemakers that will become the leaders of tomorrow?”

We will build new high impact structures and governance models by asking, “How can we organise ourselves more effectively and nimbly to create the change we want to see?”

We will ignite our cultures and empower our people by asking, “How will we become agents of change, rather than victims?

And, we will shatter conventional thinking and build truly diverse organisations by asking, “How will we ensure that a rich range of cultural perspectives and worldviews drive every element of our work?”

This is a lot to take in! It will not be easy! But social change and civil society never comes easily!

That’s why this community exists. To work together.

No one person has the answer, but by coming together and sharing knowledge, we can help each other to achieve amazing things and continue to create the change we want to see in the world.

Inspired to share your knowledge in any of the areas mentioned above? Then join our own mini-movement!

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This is an important time in history. Together we can all be part of creating a better way!

Bill Toliver

Bill Toliver

Bill Toliver is the founder and executive director of The Matale Line and a member of The Resource Alliance board.


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