Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q4 2013)

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The very last post of 2013! Thanks again for your visits, likes and shares. It was a fantastic year!

One of our highlights was obviously when 101fundraising was chosen as one of two Best Fundraising Blog honorees in FundRaising Success‘ 2013 Fundraising Professionals of the Year Awards! We’ll summarize more highlights in our annual overview early 2014.

By the way, did you download your free fundraising holiday gift already?

In this Quarterly top 10 there are lots of gems… but the biggest gem of all came from first time blogger Matthew Sherrington! Congratulations, we’re looking forward to your 2nd post!

Check, read, like, share all of them! Happy holiday reading and see you in the new year!

(1) Why Asking and Thanking Donors is All Wrong – Matthew Sherrington
(2) Six Unique and Unconventional Fundraising Ideas – Adam Weinger
(3) Want Loyal Donors? Then Stop Recruiting Them – Charlie Hulme
(4) Building a New Lexicon Part 1: Fundraising – Tony Elischer
(5) The pursuit of happiness (or how to not kill a donor) – Francesco Ambrogetti
(6) 3rd Annual Fundraising Growth Analysis – Reinier Spruit
(7) Friendraising, what’s in it for you? – Vera Peerdeman
(8) We are animals: the case for empathy – Alan Clayton
(9) The Smartest Way to Guarantee Mediocre Results – Rob Woods
(10) 3 things to think about when recruiting fundraisers – Damian Chapman

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