Simply the Best: Top 10 blog posts! (Q3 2013)

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Yesterday we published the first post in our IFC Series 2013. You’ll love it! And there are 7 more posts to come from IFC speakers before the International Fundraising Congress kicks off in two weeks!

But first… the Top 10 for the third quarter! Again we have a superb list of blog posts for you. ‘Retention’ is definitely the topic everybody wants to read about! And this time Lucy Gower is topping the chart with her excellent rant!

Read them all, share them with your colleagues, your boss, your board and perhaps even your friends, so they finally understand what you’re doing…

(1) The final straw – I quit – Lucy Gower
(2) YOU are the reasons for your results – Reinier Spruit
(3) A simple retention calculation packs a powerful punch – Anita Lee
(4) Hiring good fundraisers: Do you look for the 000 factor? – Rachel Beer
(5) How are you managing the Donor Journey – Tony Elischer
(6) 30 Letters that changed the world – Rebecca Davies
(7) How to make your story stand out – Charlie Hulme
(8) In the realm of fundraising senses – Francesco Ambrogetti
(9) The hype over ‘donor journeys’ – Sarah Clifton
(10) Ever considered being a fundraising consultant? – Vera Peerdeman

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