2011 overview: Ranking the best fundraising blogs!

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101fundraising is a crowdblog on fundraising. A free resource. A volunteer initiative. By fundraisers, for fundraisers. And we’ve done it. We’ve reached the end of our inaugural blog season!

This is the last post of the 2011 season, before we take a well deserved break. We will see you back in 2012 with renewed energy and high hopes for another streak of great fundraising blog posts. But before we leave you with your holiday spirit we want to share the 101fundraising highlights of 2011…

We launched on 8 February 2011. We had 37 blogging fundraisers. We’ve published 97 posts, 75 in English and 22 in Dutch. More than 26,000 unique fundraisers from 157 countries visited our crowdblog and have read 72,000 pages… The key word here is WE, because this is a crowdblog, and there is no successful crowdblog without our bloggers. Thank you bloggers!

A special thanks goes out to our Bronze Bloggers Sarah Clifton, Rebecca Davies, Peter Goudkamp, Lucy Gower and Alison McCants!

But there is more… Which social media platform spreads fundraising blogs the best? And off course: what are the most popular blog posts in 2011?

Approximately 9,400 visits were referred through one of the social media platforms where 101fundraising is represented through our Tweets, LinkedIn Group and Facebook Page.

As you can see we receive a disproportionately share of visits. Although we have much more Twitter followers, it is Facebook that gives 4 times more visits per contact than Twitter. The quality of the visits (pages/visit, time on site, etc.) was about the same for all three. We don’t know about you, but we think this is very interesting…

Let’s also use this opportunity to thank some of the other big referring blogs. Thank you The Agitator, SOFII, FundRaising Success, Osocio, Fundraising Detective and Fundraiser Online! In 2012 we’ll give you a special spot on our Blogroll!

At the end of the year everybody likes rankings. So what are the most popular blog posts in 2011? Below you can find the 45 best fundraising blog posts published on 101fundraising! How do we know? One simple statistic: pageviews. So, actually our readers have decided! We’ve categorized them slightly, with overall ranking in brackets. Enjoy them one more time!

Finally, we would like to thank you. Yes, you. Our readers. Because we do this for you. We hope you have picked up a few ideas that have made your fundraising better. Thank you for visiting 101fundraising! And we hope to see you back in 2012!

Reinier Spruit & Jeroen Beelen

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Source: Google Analytics 8 February – 21 December 2011. Blog posts published in both Dutch and English are combined. We’ve included all blog posts from 2011 getting more pageviews than the median. Questions? Let us know: crowdblog@101fundraising.org
You are more than welcome to re-publish these blog posts elsewhere. If you do, please add that it “has been published prior on 101fundraising – Crowdblog on Fundraising” with a link to our crowdblog. We’d appreciate it if you inform us. Thanks!

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Dania Miwa · December 22, 2011 at 17:07

Great compilation of resources. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to repost a few. I’ll let you know which ones once I’m more organized! Happy Holiday’s!

    Reinier · December 23, 2011 at 00:25

    Thanks Dania,

    Spread the news! Spread the knowledge!


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