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Do-gooders take note: Capitalism is your friend!

By Paul Vanags • May 19, 2017


Charities should be less squeamish and see private sector as an agent of change, not the enemy.
There’s a distrust of business, big business in particular, that I’ve experienced in my time in the “for good” sector that has always slightly puzzled me. It’s not that charity-private sector collaborations don’t exist; they …

NEW research on fundraiser-donor relationships: What part of ‘broken’ don’t we understand?

By Paul Vanags • February 20, 2017

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A new piece of research from Birkbeck/LSE highlights major issues with the “broken” contract between donor and humanitarian NGOs such as Oxfam, Save the Children and others. It asks big questions of fundraisers and calls into question the whole basis of our relationship with the public and with our supporters. …

A Treasure Trove of New Insights for Fundraisers

By Paul Vanags • September 30, 2013

Now here’s a thing I don’t understand.
I’ve picked it from a very long list of things I don’t understand which includes; differential equations (obviously), how to get jam to set properly (recent problem), and why it is when people read the words “forgetful”, “bald”, “grey” and “wrinkle” they will walk …

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