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Relationship Fundraising – Get Real

By Meredith Niles • May 4, 2015

Let’s call the charity in question Mr. Big. After all, they are a household name, and I am sure you’d know them, but I’ve made a promise never to kiss and tell.
We got off to such a promising start. Introduced by a mutual friend (she responded to Mr. Big’s request …

Communication Breakdown

By Meredith Niles • May 6, 2014

“I no longer support Autism Speaks and this is why.”
Those were the words a friend posted on her Facebook timeline a few months ago. This is a friend whose son is affected by autism, a friend who has dedicated thousands of hours to raising money to find a cure for …

Effective Altruism: Not “Either / Or” but “Both / And”

By Meredith Niles • January 23, 2014

The closing of a year is often a reflective time, and an article that recently appeared in my Twitter feed definitely inspired me to take a step back. The piece, entitled “How Many People Died Because of Batkid,” was a Gawker post based on an op-ed by Peter Singer in …

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