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Relationship Fundraising 2.0 – Or: Scenes from a kitchen table…

By Malene Fregil • April 4, 2014

Morning in Oslo, Norway.
My favorite part of the day is in the morning at my kitchen table, when I read the papers and tune in. Of course, I can’t resist checking social media. Here’s what’s on:
– Carla discusses with her friends. They are in Syria. She hears from them …

Why do fundraisers ignore the people who love their cause the most?

By Malene Fregil • November 1, 2013

And why you should aim to get fan mail. 
It’s striking: Fundraisers seem to completely ignore the people that love their organizations and causes the most:
Those who deliver your services, run your soup kitchens, dress up as polar bears in your campaigns, teach kids, visit the elderly, participate in your overseas …

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