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Continuous donor choice: fundraising’s best opportunity in ages

By Jackie Fowler • October 10, 2016

by Jackie Fowler, Ken Burnett and Tim Connor
This article has been written as part of the preparations for project 13 of the Commission on the Donor Experience, ‘Giving donors choices and managing preferences’.
In the UK, late September saw the publication of NCVO’s long awaited report, Charities’ relationships with donors: a …

Seeing donors as partners: will you shift your culture?

By Jackie Fowler • May 3, 2016

In all the recent media stories covering what’s wrong with charity fundraising, one thing that’s not getting enough airtime is what an amazing and life-enhancing experience giving can be. This gives us a huge opportunity – but may well require quite a shift in how we work.
From what I see, …

Donor-centred fundraising – are you prepared to take a leap of faith?

By Jackie Fowler • October 22, 2015

With so much concern about how the charity sector treats donors and those it hopes will become supporters, suddenly the donor is right there in the spotlight. What do donors want? How can we meet those needs – and still ensure we deliver to income targets? What is the best …

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