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What Training for a Marathon taught me about Fundraising (and vice versa)

By Jack Ryan • June 29, 2015

Last year I became an accidental marathoner.
I entered the New Year as a recently quit ex-smoker and instead of simply getting rid of the cigarettes I decided to put something into the vacuum they left and do something with the newfound airspace in my lungs – so I started putting one foot …

The Low Down on Hi-Tech Face-to-Face

By Jack Ryan • June 3, 2013

For a few months late last year I was involved with a digital F2F test project with a German NGO. In fact it was the first time tablet computers would be used for street fundraising in Germany and the first time that I personally would have the chance to test …

Donor Acquisition through Webinars? Worth a Try?

By Jack Ryan • January 14, 2013

I recently received an “exclusive” invitation for “select” guests to participate in a live webinar aimed at getting prospective students to enroll at a distance learning institution. Participants were promised the opportunity to interact with faculty members as they outlined their syllabus, connect with current students and even to discuss …

Rubbish In : Rubbish Out

By Jack Ryan • September 13, 2012

Bad Donor Retention Begins With Bad Donor Recruitment (and what you can do about it) 
One of my favourite Internet campaigns of the past few years is The Story of Stuff, which uses a simple but engaging animation as a way to tell the ‘Story’. It makes the obvious point that we …

Face: The Future

By Jack Ryan • June 18, 2012

The Outlook for Face-to-Face Fundraising
It seems a lot of fundraisers’ time is spent thinking about the future: Will we manage to invest our full budget? Will we reach our targets? What to do if the income is not as planned? Will I have a decent budget next year? Five year …

Reader Beware: Contains Dangerous Ideas on How to Motivate (Face-to-Face) Fundraisers!

By Jack Ryan • February 20, 2012

It will come as no surprise that the highest achieving face-to-face fundraisers you are likely to come across are also among the most highly motivated people working in any organisation. How else do you imagine they deal with a working life that places them on a daily collision course with …

Face-to-Face: In or Out?

By Jack Ryan • November 24, 2011

Sometimes it’s easy to feel that the face-to-face recruitment of regular donors has been around forever, but in reality it’s still a teenager.
Born only in 1994 face–to-face fundraising has, in its seventeen years moved from being a new and daring method of finding committed donors to a being a reliable …

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